Like (a test)

just testing Joey P idea

I like the idea.

That’s a Sick Possum from me…

(oh, my system uses woodland animals. Teach me a new fact me for a Whistling Chipmunk).

Sorry, I dislike Likes.

Hmm, anyone here want to read my response to that ATMB thread, without clicking on the link?

If you like what I said, it’s fine with me if you just smile, and not tell everyone.

Sorry, “Likes” are a pet peeve of mine…

Does no one else think Wanting To Be Liked is the root of all evil? I mean, we had four years of that being a major reason for US policy. Do we need a wall? No, but when I yell about it at rallies, people give me Likes!

Now, I do like that the Giving Thanks aspect of that ATMB thread. A healthier attitude than Likes.

Maybe I just have too many insecure friends who count their Likes and their Points and honestly, one woman quit posting to a site she loved because she couldn’t achieve a particular status (“There’s no Master Level if I get a certain number - - I can’t progress, forget that!”).

To be honest, some of them are ex-friends, because I get to decide who to reconnect with after I’m vaccinated. I think I’ll hang out with less-self-centered people…

Og forbid we just turn the stupid thing back on for three or six months and when the board does not collapse into a burning hole we all accept that change is not to be opposed at every turn.

Hippest people on the planet? RIGGGHHHTTT!

So, like, wow, man.

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There was a site I frequented in the past, it was based around frank (but perhaps a trifle abusive) conversation. It was often educational, though.

Midway through its life, the site owner implemented “light bulbs”, where you might bulb an especially insightful post. People quickly lost sight of the insightfulness and started “bulbing”–near-as-matters liking now–posts they found hilarious.

The tone of the conversation shifted from useful and educational to people posting thigh-slappers for acclaim.

So no, we don’t need likes. If you want to tell the poster you liked the post, just tell them. Write them a public note or a private message, I don’t care which, but put a little effort into it and leave bulbs, likes, thumbs up, and other similar excretia of Facebook to sites of that ilk.

Thank you and good night.

It’s even worse on smaller messageboards where people know one another and “like” their buddies’ posts and dislike vice versa. Becomes cliquey.

What are you testing? Joey_P had several thoughts in that post. I can answer this one.

I’m pretty sure the answer to this is yes. You can link multiple threads and posts to one post. It will show up as a list of links under the post which adds one more line to the thread.

This was his other idea that wasn’t super clear.

Ooh. So is this the thread for linking your likes? Then there will be another thread to link the dislikes? Hmm. Maybe I like it. But maybe not so many people who frequent the Pit will contribute to the Like thread. But a Like thread in a different forum might work.

Good points. I’ve seen both of these happen on boards I’ve frequented as well. In the thread the post in the OP originated, I wasn’t advocating likes because of those reasons, but the other side of that coin is that people thank and acknowledge people less frequently as well. My OP was about finding more ways to thank people. And this thread is a test for an alternative.

Well, then, make a thread and explain it in the OP and we won’t be bollocksing it up with all this verbiage. We’ll just say “Hey, loved Heffalump (and Roo was ok, too) in the Don’t You Just Love PB&J Waffles? thread!”

Hey thanks! You got me on the thread link too. I had to read the small print really carefully.

About this thread, I’m just guessing that’s what the OP is supposed to be testing. The idea was Joey_P’s, I think tongue-in-cheek idea. And the OP is Enjoy_Slurm’s idea. But I thought is was pretty creative.

The thread title makes me think of Madonna with glasses and her hair in a bun at the front of the classroom.

Ok, now that we’re in the pit I can ask.

What does your love of Trump and your retarded friends have to do with “like” buttons?

In the right forum, but wrong thread for that topic. Start your own thread.

What I meant was if two people place a link to the same post in the same thread, will that post reflect it? The answer, as it turns out, is no. For example, both the OP and I linked to the same post at the top of this thread. As far as I can tell (or at least with the skin I’m using), it shows up as a single ‘this post was linked in another thread’ note with no mention that it was done multiple times. Furthermore, the only way to see who did it is to click on the link and scroll through to who it was

That was sort of my workaround for what the above mentioned problem I anticipated. If I made a thread called “Joey_P Likes This” and you made one called Heffalump_and_Roo likes this" we could each link to the same post in our respective threads and instead of a single “Like”, you’d see those two thread titles under the post, basically showing that each of us like the post. Same for dislikes.

Yeah, but mostly because I realize it would be far more work than it’s worth as well as being easily abused.
You’d have to go create one or both those threads. Each time you wanted to like/dislike a post, you’d have to go find the thread and post a link to it. All those like/dislike threads would have to be housed in their own forum so as not to clutter up something else. That would require a mod for general housekeeping.
Plus, I could post a thread to “[some other poster] dislikes this” and on the assumption that people won’t actually click on the link, they’d have no reason not to believe that person didn’t post the dislike. That also would then require a mod to delete the post and note/warn the poster (which means we’d have to have a rule about it) and so on and so forth.

100% doable, just a lot of work for what could be done by just having likes/dislikes turned on, if we wanted to go that route.

I think ‘likes’ can be quite useful. If a poster takes a stance that happens to be unpopular with a majority of the board’s most prolific users (whatever that may be) and it receives a lot of likes, it might encourage more people who hold a similar position to join in the conversation. Similarly, if a poster holds an unpopular opinion but keeps insisting they speak for “the silent majority” or whatever, a blizzard of dislikes might serve to correct their misapprehension.

Say, here’s a wild idea, since this seems to be a feature that the admins can turn on and off, how about they just turn it on for a month and see what happens? What’s the worst that can happen?