Like the Cast - Sure wish I liked the TV show/Movie

Remember that sitcom, “Better off Ted” ? Loved Portia deRossi and the rest of the cast, but the show was sadly (to me) forgettable. Tonight I saw a new sitcom called “Men at Work”. Very forgettable, but again, I loved the cast.
I hate it when this happens. Have you guys ever experienced this phenomena?

A Fish Called Wanda (1988)
Back to You (2007/08)
Dead Again (1991)
and so many, many more.

I’m still not decided about the show, but a lot of people seem to feel this way about the new show Saving Hope. Michael Shanks and Erica Durance are well liked (at least in certain fannish groups), but they don’t seem to be warming up to the show.

The Cape. I wanted to like any show with Summer Glau in it.

The Killing. I know everyone is mad at the way the show played out, but I really liked the cast and watched it because of them. (And this season’s True Blood is really turning out to be so bad I’d give up watching it if I didn’t like the cast so much.)

My wife and I watch Castle purely for Nathan Fillion, who just barely makes it worth the time. The rest of the cast varies from dire to almost OK.

I was very disappointed with “Gladiator” despite the cast (including having Derek Jacobi back in a toga). The opening battle scene and the reenactment of the battle of Zama in the arena.

I’ll add another one: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011). I love psychological thrillers and I salivated when I read the cast list*. I lost interest and fell asleep 20 minutes in.

*Besides the heavy-hitters, it includes Tom Hardy, “Eames” in Inception, and Laura Carmichael, “Lady Edith” in Downton Abbey. She’s not my type, but I don’t get why some people say she’s ugly; she has luminous eyes.

Troy was perfectly cast, and I have to admit the actual acting and what writing there was wasn’t exactly bad either. I just never liked the story of the Iliad for some reason so despite the more than sufficient execution, I just can’t say it’s a favorite movie of mine in the end.

I really liked the cast of Dollhouse. Too bad they were attached to such nauseating material.

I love the whole cast of Castle. But it’s hard for the show to grab me. I enjoy it fine while I’m watching it, and I adore everyone in it, but when I’m not watching it I have zero inclination to want to watch it.

The Grass Harp. Just watched it a few nights ago. Until we gave up and pulled the plug 20 minutes in. The dialogue seemed to have been written by a 14 year old. Wasting a potentially terrific cast, including:
Piper Laurie
Sissy Spacek
Walter Matthau
Roddy McDowall
Jack Lemmon
Mary Steenburgen.
Joe Don Baker
Charles Durning

Yes! How on earth did they manage to make it so dull?

The Negotiator. Though actually as much as I like Samuel L. Jackson and Kevin Spacey, I can see why the pairing doesn’t really work.

For me the poster child for this is That 70’s Show.

House. Love Hugh Laurie, hated the show. Thank heaven it’s over and he can do other stuff now.

Zombieing this one in honor of Seraphim Falls, which was on again this weekend. Who the hell thought for a Western to dial up Liam Neeson and Pierce Brosnan??

Stargate: Universe

Liked the majority of the cast.
Hated the resultant effort.

Arrested Development

Liked most of the cast, except Portia de Rossi who I cannot seem to enjoy in anything.
Hated the show.

I like Michael J Fox and looked forward to his show, but gave up after three episodes. I like Katie Finneran too. Oh well.

J K Simmons is such a wonderful, wonderful actor. And he killed it playing a blind character in the sitcom Growing Up Fisher. I wish the show wasn’t so… generic and bland.