Like the fist of God we will smash them!

Not sure if this has already made the rounds. I got sent a link to an MP3 file of somebody having fun with an anti-gay rights representative.

Here is the MP3 file. No bad language, but it may not be entirely work-safe, if your work is all uptight or something.

Bwahahahahahahahaha! wheeze

“They train their employees to accept homosexuality? Are they mad future robots?


That, sir, is comedy gold.

That was too funny! Laughing too hard, can’t breathe.

AT&T sells sex favors?!

I think all child pornography is hardcore.


So, are there actually people who think phone companies run child porn sites in Canada? The mind boggles.

I think the cleverest bit is how he’s all full of righteous indignation until he finds out they don’t have DSL.

AT&T promotes child pornography??
No, that’s MCI.

[sub]I’m NOT going to make a “reach out and touch someone” joke…I’m not, I’m not, I’m not…[/sub]

That was the weirdest long-distance plan salespitch I’ve ever heard.