Likelihood of Bill Clinton being arrested for violating election laws

He went into polling stations to campaign for his wife during the MA primary. This is a felony. There is a petition with over 100k signatures that will be sent to the attorney general asking for Bill to be arrested. How likely is it to happen? The Clintons seem to be able to get away with anything, but they are subject to the same laws as everyone else.

Zero. Saying hi and shaking hands isn’t campaigning. He’ll have towed the line and never used the words “vote for Hillary.”

It may be a stupid line, but its a line, and Bill isn’t stupid enough to cross the stupid line. And frankly, its the smallest stupid line in campaign law, when you consider Citizens United and PAC money.

Sounds like nothing he did was illegal:

Ironically, given the content of the OP, the real question is whether the rules should apply differently because he is Bill Clinton. That is, there’s an argument that given who he is, just showing up and shaking hands constitutes campaigning. That would not be the case for anyone else.

Pretty much every significant day of voting has involved some upset Sanders supporters claiming the election was stolen. In Nevada, there was an uproar of similar-colored shirts being used to confuse voters. It’s just what supporters do when they are losing (which doesn’t mean they are wrong in a given case, but just that the fact of 100k petition signers is no big surprise).

My bold.

That would be “toed” the line, as in getting your toes very close to the line without crossing it.

Letting slide that, for a change, “its” should be “it’s” in both cases.

Another vote for zero, with a side of ‘gimme a fucking break.’

Nitpick: It’s “toed the line,” as in Clinton edged up to the line without stepping foot over it. He didn’t hook up a tow chain and move the line, as amusing as that might be to picture. :slight_smile:

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The odds of Bill being charged with a crime for shaking hands are roughly the same as they are for Hillary inviting Monica Lewinsky to introduce her at the convention.

Fervent Bernie supporter here, seconding this. Nobody cares about his damn handshakes!

Therefore 100k petitions asking for someone to be arrested for committing no crime are a waste of time and effort.

A couple of cases I’ve heard of where there were electioneering complaints that needed action resulted in the police coming and asking people to move, which they did. I don’t know what someone needs to do to get arrested for electioneering, but if Bill did anything it was nowhere even close.

The law should be changed. Bill Clinton being an ex President has a huge security entourage. He shouldn’t be allowed within 1000 feet of a polling place. There are reports that some disabled voters couldn’t access the polling place due to the huge crowd and security precautions.

If its not illegal at the very least its sleazy to cause obstructions at polling places.

It’s like he thinks he has a right to vote or something.

And he’s entitled to his security. If it creates an obstacle that’s a failure of the team organizers to properly coordinate with the poll workers.

But y’know, as long as Bill Clinton’s mere public presence makes a certain faction of the public get red in the face and shake their fists in frustration, I’m all for Big Dog to go around and about as he pleases…

Well, not at four different polling places in Massachusetts, he doesn’t.

(yeah, I know the post Smapti was commenting on wasn’t very precisely worded).

Absolutely. We should go further: 18 months prior to the election, Bill Clinton should be moved to an undisclosed offshore location. Elba might be available.

[/obvious sarcasm]

It is not illegal, and Bill is no more or less entitled to the same First Amendment protections as every other citizen. He is entitled, also, to enter a polling place and shake hands.

Nicely played.
Bonus points for the Napoleonic reference (and callback to one of the first palindromes I heard: “Able was I, ere I saw Elba.”).

[/obvious applause]

Do you have any cites to backup the claim of Bill committed felony or any crime that warrants arrest on super Tuesday?

There was a petition to deport Justin Bieber with almost tree times as many signatures, yet he wasn’t deported! Maybe it’s because we don’t enforce law through online petitions.

If you really want to hold Bill Clinton to the same laws as everyone else here is the law that applies He could have been fined $20 dollars for each location. As none of the election officials saw fit to issue a citation at that time absolutely nothing will happen as a result. Just as we don’t issue speeding tickets due to petitions, an officer needs to issue one based on their judgement. Only at one of the 4 locations was he actually asked to move 150ft away. It’s questionable as to weather he actions even crossed the line into campaigning.

I guess they let him off easy just because he’s an ex-president. As a Massachusetts citizen I think we’ve been screwed out of our 20 bucks and hope Bill should have to pay up!

I think rather than getting all but hurt over a loss in Massachusetts Bernie supporters would be much better off putting their efforts into future elections rather than stupid petitions but losing gracefully doesn’t seem to be their thing.

Maybe it should be made illegal. I hate shaking hands with every yutz running for comptroller or vice-dog catcher or whatever outside the polling places. Yes, yes, hello, how are you, nice smile, firm grip, but I’m probably not voting for you. Sorry.

Granted, meeting Bill Clinton would probably be a little cooler than meeting Ol’ Bob Whistleschnitz running for county surveyor, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice.

People forget that Bill Clinton is a former law professor who has always straddled the line.

He’s the guy who famously said, “That’s the definition of what ‘is’ is?” and “When I said I was never alone with Monica Lewinsky in the White House I meant there were always other people in the White House, I never said we were never alone in the same room”(or words to that effect).

I don’t mean this as an insult, but Bill was the type of kid who probably regularly waved his hand in front of other kids’ noses and screamed “I’m not touching you!”