Likely Famous US Landmarks for non US Dopers

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And also suprise that I hadn’t heard of the Golden Gate Bridge.

I was just wondering what landmarks non-US dopers consider to be famous?

Out of those mentioned I know of
The White House (obviously)
Grand Canyon
Empire State Building (been up it)
Hollywood sign
Disney World
Central Park
Times Square
Sears Building

I think if I’m honest and really think I had heard of the Golden Gate Bridge but I’m not sure I knew it was in Sanfransico.

I think I just thought of the Kennedy Space centre as the Space centre.

Other landmarks?
Statue of Liberty
Does the Mississippi count? Its the longest river in America?

I’m sure there are others but I’ll let other Dopers reel them out…

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (St. Louis Arch)

The World’s Largest Hand-Dug Well (Greensburg Kansas) :rolleyes:

Independence Hall/Liberty Bell?
Steps that Rocky ran up? (Phila. Art Museum)

There’s a bunch of stuff in Washington DC that just about everybody has heard of, but some of which might not be thought of as landmarks per se.

The Smithsonian Institution (a fomer employer of mine) would fit that bill. It’s a whole bunch of museums, and some research facilities, most of which are located in Washington’s Mall, which in itself might be considered a landmark.

The Mall contains most of the Smithsonian museums, the US Capitol, the Washington Monument. and the Lincoln and Vietnam memorials. More recently an FDR and WWII memorial have been added.

I sometimes think of the Mall as America’s Mecca. Half the country’s graduating senior classes seem to make a pilgrimage there – school-sponsored trips to immerse them in American history and mythology.

What about:

The Pentagon
The Brooklyn Bridge
Niagara Falls (partly, anyway)

I wonder why there are all the jokes about selling the Brooklyn Bridge? Somebody says something to indicate they are some kind of rube, and it draws one of a few responses:

“If that sounds good, I have some swampland in Florida you might like.”

“If that sounds good, maye you’d be interested in buying the Brooklyn Bridge.”

And a few other similar ones.

I was very surprised when talking with a young Korean tourist on the bus that she didn’t know what the World Trade Center looked like (this was post-9/11).

When we got to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, I immediately bought her a postcard of it. Really!

Land out west to sell ya? It is odd - considering London Bridge was bought and shipped to the US - the folklore being that they thought they were buying Tower Bridge.

I took a photo of Wells Fargo office in San Francisco - probably watched too many westerns as a kid.

I’d go for:
Statue of Liberty
The Faces on the Hill (those stoney presidents)
The Grand Canyon
Manhattan Skyline

Yellowstone National Park?

Mount Rushmore.

Old Faithful.

Here’s a somewhat interesting article from 2002 on the subject.

I didn’t know what the WTC looked like pretty much until it fell down- and I’d lived in the US for five years by then.

FTR, the quote in the OP was mine.

Nobody paid any attention to my proposed replacement structure – the World Trade Bunker. It would have been built underneath all the rubble of the two towers, which would make dandy armor for the new place.

Too soon?

I didn’t know what the WTC looked like on the morning of 9/11. At least, I didn’t know it by name. I knew of the “twin towers”, but that’s largely because of the Simpsons episode where Homer’s car gets stuck between the two. Alas, the episode has since been pulled from syndication, which is a true shame.

Do Canadians count for this question? See, we’re kinda… stalkerish. Y’know, we know a lot about you, you don’t really realize us… anyways, I could name US landmarks all day.

Too practical, and not gaudy enough.

From the OP re: Madison Square Garden

I know what it is and where it is but I don’t think I’d recognize it in a photo.
It’s just a really big arena in New York right?
Kind of like Wembley Stadium in the UK. I know they have huge concerts there but hell if I know what it looks like.

You can see it pretty clearly in the Godzilla remake. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not even all that big- capacity is a hair under 20,000; there are a dozen universities in the US with bigger basketball arenas. It’s just famous (outside the US) because of the concerts and boxing matches that happened there.

Also, there have been four (?) buildings called Madison Square Garden, all on the same site.