'lil help with windows media and/or real player please?

They both used to work but now the sound plays, but the video just stays a white space. If I press stop, the video flashes on for a second then goes white again. Any ideas? I have the latest drivers.

You could check your actual vid card for errors like IRQ conflicts. But i doubt that would be it. Another idea, is to download all the newest codecs. Similar to drivers, but not quite. This could be what you need.

I have a voodoo3 3000 so it’s no longer supported. It worked fine a month ago. Any more ideas?

You say it worked fine a month ago and now you have a problem. Have you changed anything since that may have caused or contributed to the problem? Have you installed any other application that uses video? That may be what’s causing a conflict.

Try removing RP and MP from your installed programs, and then reinstalling, checking after you install each one.

Check the number of colors you’re running at (256, 16 bit, 32 bit?). Some of the video player, MS Media player being one, don’t play back video properly in high color states. If you’re trying to play back at 32 bit you may be aking the program to do something it can’t. Additionally, many videos are encoded for best playback at 16 bit or 256 colors.

Sigh. Didn’t think to ask the following.

When you say you have the latest drivers, could it be that you installed or updated them, say…a month or so ago? Also, have you downloaded any updates from Windows Update? The newest update for card running ATI chipsets tend to screw everything up.

Try downgrading the drivers.