Upgraded to XP, video got choppy.

IBM Thinkpad, PentiumIII, half gig of RAM, 40+ gig HD.

Just updated to Windows XP. Grabbed latest Media players and latest DirectX.

I have played some videos that I have run when I was using Windows 2000, and now all my once-smooth videos are choppy/jerky. It’s painful to even watch them.

I’ve tried acceleration set to ‘none’ as well, but to no avail. I hate to post a tech question here, but am hoping there is an easy fix. I can’t imagine a halg gig of RAM isn’t enough.

Happens with WM9 or Real Player. :confused:

Are we talking about DVD videos or some sort of video file? And if the latter, which type?

So far, all types tried:


Even the Flash-type videos from youtube.com

Haven’t tried a DVD.

I’d be leaning towards video drivers and codecs there. Check IBM’s site for current XP video drivers for your model laptop, or go directly to the card maker’s website.

It might also be that the codecs aren’t super-good. I use the CCCP codec pack, and can run full-screen 1024x768 on an old Toshiba with about 1/2 the specs you list.
On preview, if the flash stuff sucks also, it’s almost surely the video drivers. Your audio drivers may need updating too. It can’t hurt to make sure.

Codec: done

Video driver from IBM: Done

Video is still pathetic. :frowning: