Limbaugh has been trashing Sheriff Dupnik and now is reportedly playing "I Shot the Sheriff"

while saying “I shot a sheriff” in the background.

If this is true is what he’s doing free speech? Is it incitement to assassination of a public official?

If you are asking if this would be Constitutionally protected, based on past precedent the answer is yes. If I remember right, free speech is not protected if it’s an incitement to “imminent lawless action.” Despite what happened in Arizona last week, there’s no reason for Limbaugh to believe somebody would commit murder based on what you’re describing.

It seems that his may have been misreported so, [litella]never mind.[/littela]

If Rush were an ordinary, anonymous citizen, it would probably invite a “visit” from the authorities, you betcha.

But Rush is Rush – he’s the epitome of comic relief for common sense liberals.

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