Rush Limbaugh "dreams of" riots in Denver

Attention all Pub agents provocateur: You have your orders!

Interesting, Mr. Limbaugh. What exactly is the rest of this Operation Chaos?

Indeed not.

“Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?!”

Sounds like Rush forgot rules #1 and #2 of Fat Idiot Club.

Rule number one is do not talk about Fat Idiot’s Club?

Can’t be, he broke that one with his first show.

Did you have a link to a more complete transcript? There are some ellipses and ellisions that tend to suggest that this might not be an accurate restatement of Limbaugh’s views.


Here’s his website and it has a search function; the Denver Post article was posted April 24. Knock yourself out.

Limbaughs popularity used to annoy the hell out of me, but then I realized, hey, mental defectives need entertainment too.

Ah, so you were calling for murder based on something someone else told you. No surprise there.



You really are a prize tool of a brainless shill aren’t you?

That’s an example of a rhetorical question by the way.

Who’s a bigger asshole, Limbaugh or Sharpton? I don’t even want to dwell on that too long.

Ah, so you jump to the defense of a mindless cretin, just because he represents the Right. No surprise there.

It’s all part of operation Chaos.

It’s a good thing the Get Smart movie is coming out this summer.

Read and learn.


Yep, that’s a perfectly on-target analogy for Limbaugh’s incitement to riot.

:rolleyes: Read for comprehension, Shodan. I know all about Thomas Becket. “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” are the words I was putting in Rush’s mouth, and justly: He’s not “calling” for riots, he’s simply “dreaming” of them while maintaining implausible deniability.

I would have thought that were painfully obvious.

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Oooh! :slight_smile:

(Sure hope it’s better than The Nude Bomb.)

I think we found another member of the Fat Idiot’s Club. Shodan, if you’re not fat you should immediately up your calorie intake to 4500 a day, because you can’t march lockstep with the dittoheads unless you waddle.

The following quote is from his website.

So yeah, perfectly reasonable. :rolleyes:

I suspect this may be the first time that Al Sharpton and Rush have agreed on anything.