Fuck Rush Limbaugh

All you conservatives on this board, Shodan, Starving Artist, you know who you are, come in here and defend this pompous sack of shit. Come on I dare you. Go ahead and stand up for this fat bastard.
I guess someone made it through the show’s screening process and managed to tell him off about the Haiti stuff he said the other day. Of course that didn’t stop the heartless son of a bitch from getting on his high horse:

How this waste of space that passes for a human being can get away with calling anyone close-minded or biased is beyond me. What’s even more puzzling is how any sensible person can stand to listen to the excrement that emanates from his piehole.

Come now, anyone who donates to the Haitian aid is a total blockhead.

Somehow I dare think that no non-driveby arguments will be forthcoming. If Limbaugh continues putting his foot in his mouth I think he will finally jump the shark amongst the republican base just like he already has with rational people. There’s only so much idiocy the medium-right can take after all.

His modus operandi is to say something totally outrageous, and then when called on it, deny, deny, obfuscate, and lie. Then he blames the “left-leaning media”, and accuses them of trying to smear him, and plays the “pity me” card. And his audience laps it up and repeats his lies.

This is how he drives ratings. As long as we’re talking about him, even to call him a fucking asshole, he’s happy and counting his money.

He’s a media troll.

Despite the common misperception, radio shows derive income from ratings, not notoriety.

Roger Ebert expressed a similar opinion yesterday: A Letter to Rush Limbaugh

It would be so wonderful if there was a way to imprison Rush and Pat Robertson together - kinda like in the Superman movie with that plate of glass rotating through space forever.

Or in 1984 “boot stamping on the face of humanity forever” - if it was my boot and either of their faces, it would be a grape stomping festival!

Senile dementia must be settling in for the old Rush. Does he think that any president would behave differently with the Haiti crisis? Wouldn’t McCain have done exactly the same? Wouldn’t George W. Bush have done exactly the same? That’s just what leaders of first-world countries do as a matter of course for their third-world neighbours following natural disasters. It’s not something peculiar to Obama.

Rush would no doubt say that McCain or Bush would have quickly stepped up to help because they are good Christian men who know what the right thing to do is. Rush knows, however that the reason that Obama quickly helped is that he simply wants to look good, and is trying to secure the black vote.

See? It’s all so simple if you’re Rush or his followers.

Which is why I specified that he uses his antics to drive ratings.

[left-leaning tv/radio personality] said GWB’s motive was [cynical reason] when he [superficially nice action].

So there.

Oh, you mean like when he put Michael “Arabian Horse” Brown in charge of FEMA?

Let’s wait for our crackpot apologists to speak for themselves.


How about let’s move this to Mundane Pointless Stuff I Want Everyone to Agree With and move on?

I’d rather let someone else do the fucking, if that’s okay?

Even in this Economy, I would pay good money to see Roger Ebert horsewhip Rush Limbaugh.

All money collected would be donated to the relief effort. A one-two against Rush.

I don’t imagine the fact that nobody is defending what Rush said means anything, does it?


No, but the fact that a “pubby” would need to point it out and feel it deserved merit, does.

Well, it means something to me: there are some sane right wingers for whom Rush sometimes goes off into the indefensible regions where those sane right wingers won’t go.

Who said it deserved merit?


Good point.