Rush Limbaugh Rushed to Hospital

From **AtomicDog’**s link in this thread: Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital with chest pains in serious condition.

Wait – Limbaugh was in Hawaii when this happened?

It’s all Obama’s fault!

Heh; if he dies from whatever-it-is, I wonder how soon the “Obama assassinated Rush” conspiracy nuts will show up?

Hmmm…wondering if I oughta update my death pool list.

Too much Oxy self-therapy after the healthcare bill passed the Senate?

Shame on you!

I have him already in my list posted weeks ago, so don’t be a copy cat. :wink:

Hey, when I said “Will no one rid me of this turbulent radio personality”, it was just a figure of speech.

Well, it wouldn’t really be sporting, I suppose. :cool:

I’ve read that he is in the same hospital that Obama was born in – Queen’s Medical.

Now, you know what is going to happen if Rush dies, I expect conspiracy central to get louder X1000.

Wow I hope they give him some good meds, or at least better than what he has in his pocket.

He won’t die though.

I think Dan Brown, J.K. Rowling and whatever floozy wrote Twilight, would all be shocked to hear what it takes to kill such a beast.

I really, really hope he’s being prayed for.

They airlifted him to Kenya?? :eek:

(Yes, I am, in fact, joking.)

No, I don’t think it’s the same hospital. Obama was born here, at Kapi’olani Medical Center’s maternity ward (it had a slightly different name). The one Rush is at was named after the Queen before Kapiolani, Emma.

I just hope he doesn’t ruin Barack’s vacation. First the underwear bomber, now this. :eek:

Late at night, Limbaugh peers out under half-closed eyelids. Seeing that he’s alone, he sits up and throws back the bedcovers to reveal that he’s dressed in a ninja outfit. He spits out the tranquilizer pill that he concealed under his tongue and places it stealthily on the bedside table. He moves along the corridors like a shadow until he finds the records room. He picks the lock on a file cabinet and begins searching through old birth certificates with a penlight flashlight held in his mouth…

The first part should have been:

"He spits out the tranquilizer pill that he concealed under his tongue and places it stealthily on the bedside table. He takes 11 Xanax and 3 Vicodin from his change purse, then takes his orders from Satan in a drug induced trance.

He is now a ninja, for righteousness!!"

Then he poops himself, and blames that on the liberal media.

Someone showing up to say we’re wishing ill on a conservative in 3…2…


Only if his death certificate says he died in Kenya.

I am glad Rush has money for health care and does not have to live in a bungalow instead of a beach-front house.

As he told Shatner on his talk show.

No way man, that is crazy talk!

Opiates cause constipation, duh.

Ashes to ashes Rush to dust.