Rush Limbaugh admits prescription drug addition

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I know he’s not the most favorite person around here, but I wish him success in his treatment.

Speaking as a libertarian, I hope he now realizes the futility of the Drug War and that treatment, not jail time, is the way to handle it.

Good luck, Rush.

Yeah, Rush, maybe you can call us when you get that Jones out of your nose.

Has he ever said anything to the effect that there should be harsh sentences for drug addicts? That’s the hard-line conservative stance, I suppose.

#8 of the Twelve Steps:

Might be a tough one.

I wish him well, as I do anyone who tries to shake off the monkey, but he may come out of this with more compassion for the addicted but just as harsh or even more so stance against the pushers and the facilitators – specially in the case of cocaine, heroin, Meth, Xtasy and the likes, that are pushed based on “recreational” value.

Y’know… I wonder if his staff had to work under “drug-free workplace” rules?

What bothered me last week was his statement then:

Like he needed a government representative to contact him to tell him whether or not he’d been illegally procuring prescription drugs.

Now he’s saying,

and you know what? His words last week say that’s a steaming pile of bullcrap.

I wish him well in recovering from his addiction to drugs, and his addiction to fame as well. It’s time for him to admit he’s no more honest than the people he rips into on his show, and check into a 30-year hypocrisy rehab program.

I wish him hell. May the DT’s (or whatever one gets when trying kick whatever he was taking) drive him just to the brink. Hopefully, there’s at least one Nurse Ratched left in the world and she’s at the detox center he’ll be staying at.

You know, Rush may be very lucky this came out when it did. If he had been allowed to go on to the point where he was really deep in addiction, and started to lose his health, then he would have really gone down the drain.

And I wish you compassion for your fellow man.

It is a shame that you would wish ill to someone based upon their opinion, no matter how much you dislike it or the manner in which they deliver it.

It’s a good thing people like you aren’t in charge or I suspect “freedom of speech” would be monitored with eagle eyes and disciplined with an iron fist.

I for one do not agree with much of Rush’s opinions, but I wish him well as a human who needs support.

Oh, wait, I’m wrong.

Let’s see:

Saturday, 1:15:01pm - 1:15:02pm: Cry for Rush.


I have zero sympathy for that sack of crap. And it has nothing to do with his opinions. He’s a complete bastard.

Two things:
First, I hope he’s able to successfully get loose from his addiction. I’m not worried that he’ll spend any time in jail. He’s a very wealthy celebrity, and that’ll save him that indignity. Drug addiction can’t be that easily bought off, and after 6 years on the pill train, Rush has a long climb back to reality.

Second, I hope his fans will now understand that everything Rush told you since 1997 is tainted. All that stuff was spouted by an addled pillhead. All that stuff you agreed with (megadittoes, Rush!) was drug-twisted nonsense. You also have a long climb back to reality. Good luck to you.

If its not his opinions, then why do you not like him? what has he done to you?

Blue Sky, I find your lack of compassion troubling. Unless you have been personally screwed over by Rush, what has he ever done to you other than have a different political opinion?

I have had experience dealing with a loved one’s addiction to pain killers. Let me tell you, Rush did not take the pills to get high. He took them to get relief from chronic agony. Unless you are under a doctor’s care, it is very difficult to get out from under this particular monkey.

Hate the guy’s opinions, fine. But don’t wish him any more hell. He’s going through it enough right now.

He’s a guy who’s made his fame and fortune at the expense of others. Do you think he has any sympathy for those he’s hurt? Nope. I doubt it. Seriously doubt it.

I have plenty of compassion for people with problems. I haven’t heard any stories of anyone putting a gun to his head and making him take the pills or buy them illegally. Why wait until he was about to be fingered by the authorities to get help?

Newsday opinion column from last week
A sample Rush quote:

Circumstances can change a lot in 8 years. I have no use for Rush, but I hope his rehab goes well. I wouldn’t wish drug addiction on anyone. I wonder what his stance will be now that he’s spent some time looking at the issue from another angle. Does he still feel he himself should go to jail for what he’s done?

Blue Sky you need help. Something is wrong with a person who rejoices over other people’s suffering, even if they don’t like them. Plus you need to learn to read, if you could you’d know he’s already been through rehab twice. It’s not like he up and decided to do this out of the blue, he’s tried to kick it before.

Let me tell you, Rush did not take the pills to get high. He took them to get relief from chronic agony.

Boy ain’t that the truth, ivylass. I used to think people who claimed to be in chronic pain were just wusses till I had pleurisy and an asshole doctor who wouldn’t give me anything for the pain (he had given me heavy duty Ibuprofen but it made me really sick). I suddenly understood why people go to drug dealers for pills. Sure, some of them are trying to get a buzz but many are simply hurting and can’t get a doctor to listen to them.

When my mom was in the hospital for a kidney stone there was a guy on her floor who had checked himself in because he was addicted to Oxy. He was up to 4,000 mg a day! She said the poor guy was miserable, he’d walk the floor at night shaking, couldn’t get to sleep, in tears, sick as a dog from the withdrawal. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, ever.

Rush has balls. I hope this works out for him.

We can only hope for his recovery and that his example will keep other people out of trouble.

Maybe we can hope for a change of heart as to drug liberalization.

(and world peace, and a pony…)

I CAN and did read that. IMHO, the public confession is just PR bullsh*t. Trying to score some points with Feds perhaps. I’m not necessarily rejoicing in his pain, but I’m not going to wish it away. I simply cannot or will not sympathize with this man.

If he does get through this, (and I’m sure he will) I hope it will change the way he looks at others. Like Daryl Strawberry (who I have no sympathy for, either). You make your choices, you pay the price.

As for balls, he traded those away a long time ago.

and world peace, and a pony

a SPOTTED pony!!!

I feel for Rush exactly the same level of compassion and understanding he has so loudly trumpeted for others suffering from addiction and its side effects from his bully pulpit of AM radio over the past decade.

I truly hope he benefits from this experience and becomes less of a cynical demogogue, but I ain’t holding my breath.