Rush Limbaugh IS a big, fat liar!*

And the winner for this year’s Hubie[sup]**[/sup] goes to… *“I am addicted to painkillers” Limbaugh*
[sup]*[/sup]I’m sorry, I really shouldn’t be saying that he’s a big, fat liar.

He’s not fat.


[sup]**[/sup]Last year’s Hubris Award went to the moralist, Bill Bennett.

Au contraire. He’s a Big Fat Idiot.

Argh. That’ll teach me to be insultory so late at night.

Well, it’ll only be a matter of time before O’Reilly gets his Hubie. I’ll get to use the ‘liar’ appellation appropriately at that time.


Now spam—er, send this to fifteen of your closest friends and a secret program will execute once you do. And if you don’t send it to at least five people you’ll have bad luck for five years and nobody will ask you out!


Well, my understanding of those substance abuse program is that they detox you and then you move into a 12 step program for maintenance.

The thing about the addiction programs is that the individual is suppose to get honest and stay honest (about themselves). A lifestyle/program of honesty is a lot of the foundation for remaining drug/alcohol free.

I certainly don’t wish addiction, or relapse on anyone; but I would say that Limbaugh’s chances are less than average.

It’s not his fault. He seems to have been born that way.

You mean you think he’s naturally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living which demands rigorous honesty?

There are such unfortunates. :wink:


Well, he admitted it and checked into rehab. I’d be quite the hypocrite – like Rush – if I were now to criticize him for his actions. That’s one issue right-wingers and I never see eye-to-eye on: to wit, using the criminal justice system to solve a public health problem. I’m against it. It’s a real moneymaker for lawyers, so my self-interest is to keep the present system.

Cops make big money off the present system through the seizure laws. Special police tactical units would have so much less to do if the system focused on treatment instead of making money and kicking in doors. Ho-hum.

And just to add a little extra zest to the torrent of acidic bile shooting up the gullets of honest loathers of rank hypocrisy everywhere, here are two choice quotations from this decent, all-American, espouser of family values:

Hmm, strong stuff from Rush “There’s nothing good about drug use,” Limbaugh. But wait, this little wingnut hasn’t finished yet. There’s more:

So, hopefully this (by his own diagnosis) once upstanding American turned depraved dope fiend hooked on obscene quantities of OxyContin (otherwise known as hillbilly heroin) will be enjoying years of nice long showers behind bars for the good of the rest of us. Thank God he was unmasked now rather than ten years down the line when he’d destroyed society :rolleyes:

There chances are less than average. :smiley:

My schadenfreude-o-meter is going off the fucking charts on this one.

He never hesitated to cast the first stone.

Maybe he can grab a few minutes to think while he shits himself and imagines third-degree burns all over his body. Withdrawal’s a bitch, motherfucker, and so is karma.

[. Withdrawal’s a bitch, motherfucker, and so is karma. **

Nah, he will be given methadone and probably some other stuff to ease him off of the shit he’s been taking.

What gets me is that statement of his that was so full of political spin - him talking about being totally responsible and accepting that responsibility himself.

This guy has been thru treatment (twice) and doesn’t seem to realize that his life is totally unmanageable.

Yeah. He was in a LOT of pain. :rolleyes: My back hurts sometimes. Ibuprofin or acetometaphin are two options before you jump to oxycontin.

Well you’re just dealing with physical pain. Rush was dealing with the pain of being a truth-speaking prophet in these modern times.:rolleyes:

I wish him the best in rehab, but I hope he loses his show and gets stuck with some tiny pissant job when he gets out.

Nah. There’s got to be some idiot network who’ll hire him.

ESPN did.

Well… how do you like this?

Rapid Hearing Loss Observed With Overuse Of Vicodin

Didya hear that, Rush?

Coming up in next week’s edition of the Limbaugh Letter: The Best Places to score hillbilly heroin in your neighborhood. Register today!

Limbaugh’s quotes are vapid (I mean, yes drugs ruin familes and individuals, and yes we have laws, but no, that doesn’t follow that decriminalization is bad), but they are pretty far from extremist. And his own experience confirms the idea that drugs are a serious problem. So I don’t quite see where the hypocrisy or lying comes in. Sure, rich people get to have their drugs and go to expensive rehab while poor people go to the lockup, and that’s pretty unequal. But that’s about as far as you can take this.

Bottom line: a guy has a drug addiction, and that’s always too bad. Also, you may hate his guts, but that’s neither here nor there.

Rush says: Drug users are evil and should go to jail.

Rush does: Drugs.

Does Rush go to jail? No, he goes to rehab – three times, now. Does he consider himself a criminal? No, he’s a poor sufferer.

Sure looks/smells like hypocrisy to me.