So, Rush Limbaugh supports terrorists

The gov’t says drugs support terrorists. Rush uses drugs, ergo Rush supports, and thus is, a terrorist. Meanwhile, today Bush came out and says he stands by Rush, calling him a “great American.” So, Bush supports terrorists, calling them “great.”

Just thought I’d point this out. I hope this Rush situation will help to end the drug war, but in reality all it will do is cause oxycontin to be pulled off the shelf and have vicodin (hydrocodone) rescheduled as a Schedule II, so everyone in pain will have to suffer because all opiate painkillers will require triplicates.

What a stupid world we live in.

I’ve always loved the “if you take drugs you support terrorism” position.

By that reasoning, if you stop at McDonalds and one of the employees there uses his paychecks to buy drugs which supports the terrorists, then you’re supporting terrorism.

Fair enough. The guy lived by the sword, let him die by the sword.

I like Rush a lot. Really. But if he is a druggie; burn him.

I don’t know, have you read the articles about the oxycontin additcts? It’s become the " crack" or some such phrase. Those people are way messed up. I don’t know much about it, but it sure sounds like it needs to be controlled pretty well.

“Drugs” in the “Drugs…terrorists” context are HARD drugs (i.e. herion and coke), Rush is a PRESCRIPTION drug addict! (that distinction has been WIDELY reported!

The colloquial phrase seems to be “hillbilly heroin” but according to the story, Limbaugh refers to them as “little blues” i.e. “Get me more of those little blues”.

I missed Bush’s “great American” phrase. Can’t you just hear Karl Rove gritting his teeth: "SSSShhhhh - heh heh, um, er, George, the ack-blay oters-vay don’t like the acist-ray unkie-jay … "

The distinction between folk drug abuse and prescription drug abuse is only important to the large drug companies who give bags of money to the Republicans, and don’t make a penny from a bag of weed etc.

I don’t suppose you’d have a cite for any of the assertions in the OP, would you?

I was under the impression that the drugs in the commercial refer to cocaine which funds Columbian terrorists and heroin which funds terrorists in central asia. Which terrorists are involved in the prescription drug trade?


You ever watched those stupid commericals, Bricker? Or maybe South Park last night?

Would that make Bush a racist also? I love and support my brother, who’s a pretty virulent racist, but it doesn’t make me one.

Yes Bricker, you need to watch more TV. The commercials mentioned in the OP, as far as I know, are not running anymore (thank god). They stated that, rather blatantly, that if one uses drugs, one supports terrorism.

So, Rush is a terrorist, and Bush supports him, therefor Bush supports terror and is a terrorist too.

As for the OP, I spit my coffee out when I read the title.


Nice straw man. The OP states that the Bush administration states that if one uses drugs, one supports terror. Racism was never mentioned by the administration.

If the logic is mind bogglingly bad, keep in mind that we are arguing the logic of the Bush administration, fucked as it is.

True. However, Rush is pretty clearly a racist, so if Bush is supporting Rush (by the OP logic), that would make Bush a supporter of racism. Perhaps he is, but I was pointing out that the logic is flawed.

That links to an AP piece by Jill Barton on the Limbaugh dustup. It appeared in this morning’s Indianapolis Star. Apparently, the Rush-as-illegal-drug-buyer story came to light in the National Enquirer.
Meanwhile, the drug allegations were first reported by the National Enquirer. Law enforcement sources who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed to The Associated Press that Limbaugh is being investigated by the Palm Beach County (Fla.) state attorney’s office.

CNN reported Thursday that sources close to the investigation said Limbaugh had turned up as a buyer of powerful painkillers but that he was not the target of the investigation.

Premiere Radio Networks, which syndicates the politically focused “Rush Limbaugh Show” to more than 650 markets, issued a statement from Limbaugh on Thursday saying: “I am unaware of any investigation by any authority involving me. No government representative has contacted me directly or indirectly. If my assistance is required, I will, of course, cooperate fully.”

Limbaugh did not address the drug investigation reports in his speech.

The Enquirer had interviewed Wilma Cline, who said she became Limbaugh’s drug connection after working as his maid. She said Limbaugh had abused OxyContin and other painkillers.

Ed Shohat, a Miami lawyer for Cline and her husband, said Thursday, “The Clines stand by the story.” Shohat said neither he nor his clients would comment further.

National Enquirer Editor in Chief David Perel declined to say whether the Clines were paid for their interview, but said the tabloid does “pay for interviews, photographs and exclusives – as long as they can be proven to be true.” Referring to media reports saying the Clines were paid six figures for their story, Perel said, “People are just making things up.”

The Enquirer is not the among the most respected papers in the US. Folks don’t go around saying, “Well, I read it in the National Enquirer. It must be true.”

I’m not a dittohead (Rush fan.) I cheered when I heard he got fired. However, before I call him an oxy addict, I want to hear it from somebody more reliable than a supermarket tabloid.

Yeah and anyone that wears diamonds also supports terrorism because they are involved in the ilicit diamond trade too.

What a bunch of idiots with that logic, makes me ill.

As someone who disagrees with the drug laws, the following attitude drives me up a fucking wall:

At least Cardinal is being honest, I guess.

As for Limbaugh, this sort of explains that dramatic weight loss, doesn’t it?

. . . and speaking of regrettable attitudes:

Jesus! For their sake, I hope no one in your family develops a drug or alcohol problem.

Those “drugs support terrorism” commercials never made any disctinction between “hard drugs” and prescription drugs. Many times they are one in the same. Oxycontin is quite a powerful drug. If you get them from a pharmacy it is impossible to say you are supporting terrorism, even with a fake Rx. If you get them from the street, it is very tenuous to say you are supporting terrorism. If you buy a gallon of gasoline, the chances of that money finding its way into the hands of a terrorist are infinitely greater than if you buy some pot off the street. That being said, Rush was getting his pharmaceuticals off the street. They caught the people who were running the drug ring, and there is no indication that any of that money was being funneled to terrorists. But again, those anti-drug commercials made no such distinction. If you get high, you support terrorists. That’s all the commercials (and through them, the Bush Admin.) had to say. As long as the Bush Administration stands by those commercials, then Rush is a terrorist and the Bush Administration thus supports terrorists/-ism. I’d like to see the Democrats pick up on this. I realize it’s hard to say with a straight face, but hell, it’s the Bush Administration whose going around saying it.