Liminat th lttr "e"

It has come to my attention that a number of SDMB users hate the use of similes for whatever their reasons. I respectfully disagree. It simply allows a poster to express him or her self if they so choose.

I propose the elimination of the letter “e”, because some schoolchildren hate it and there are those older who have simply forgotten their hatred. Tom Lehrer, satirist extraordinaire, has in fact penned and sung a song extolling “Silent E” for public television (The Electric Company, if I am not mistaken). The elimination of silent e, or e entirely, would come as a great relief to first graders everywhere, and SDMB posters in particular as a waste of electrons.

So to those who hate smilies, I say: :wally


I think this thread is more of a BBQ Pit thread.

There’s an old “Shoe” cartoon in which The Perfessor is trying to get Shoe to buy him a new typewriter because his “e” key is broken. Shoe insists that he write a memo. Here’s the memo:

“Dar Sho,
You ar a CHAPSKAT.”

My sister and I still call ourselves (and each other) “Chapskat.”


I mean…


Amazingly, the phrase I’m thinking of right now contains no letter e’s in it at all.


What wrong with similes? They allow for wonderful doses of poetic floridity. Example:

Your smile is like a crescent moon if it were made of sweet limburger

*You are as smart as a lemur who graduated at the head of its toenail-clipping class *

Similes ROCK!


Thanks ArchiveGuy, you beat me to the punchline.

:slight_smile: HAH

The Pit it is!

*Who can turn a cap into a cape?
Who can turn a tap into a tape?
A little glob becomes a globe instantly,
If you just add silent e…

I don’t know why you think that it’s difficult to avoid that particular glyph.

Ernest Vincent Wright wrote the novel Gadsby without using the letter E once!

Hah! Who, uh, has an urging for that nasty, uh, symbol? Nobody! :smiley:

Damn straight.