Lincoln Lawyer - how to screw up a novel in one easy lesson

Michael Connelly arguably writes consistently good legal drama in his novels. Lincoln Lawyer was a good read, with enough plot twist to keep it interesting. So filmdom decides to stink up the screen with Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei (who, I think, literally mailed in her scenes). Then they take liberties with the plot and advertise the movie as being about a lawyer who does business from his car. Not even close. McC just comes across as a smarmy drunk. How this thing got 83% on Rotten Tomatoes is beyond me.

I thought it was fun and entertaining but 1) I never read the book and 2) I dislike Marisa Tomei so I expected her to be resoundingly mediocre.

The whole lawyer-from-a-car thing was a little off but I thought generally it was McConaughey’s best performance to date. The plot was great, if the book is even better that’s encouraging. Reese Witherspoon’s ex-husband turned in his best performance to boot (I had to google for him – Ryan Phillipe).

I read the book and enjoyed it so much, I’m now reading the Harry Bosch novels (about the Lincoln Lawyer’s half brother, who is an LAPD detective). I"m enjoying those too.

I saw the movie and enjoyed it a lot. I didn’t feel like MMc came across as a smarmy drunk at all. I would have liked it if the movie showed why he was the bikers’ lawyer; which the book goes into more detail on if I remember correctly; but otherwise I really like the movie. What liberties did they take with the plot that ruined it for you?

Never read the book, but enjoyed the movie. It wasn’t a great work of art, but it entertained for a couple hours.