Matthew McConaughey is a terrible actor!

Is is just me or does anyone else think he’s just an annoying mumbling wreck of an actor?

Did you get around to seeing Sahara? :smiley:

I don’t think he really acts. He’s one of those actors who is an amplified version of himself on screen, like Samuel L Jackson (angry black man about to give you a piece of his mind) or Jesse Ventura (belittling blowhard). If you match him with the right role, he’s great. Don’t ask him to do anything else though. Such actors can still make good contributions to movies as Jack Nicholson shows.

He’s okay in comedies. But I could never take him seriously in a drama.

Contact would have been THE best movie ever made had they not cast him in it. (They should have left out the last 30 seconds of the movie as well, but I suppose I’m nitpicking).

I thought he was great in True Detective and Mud.

I’ll add it to my to watch list! :eek:

The problem I had with True Detective is that Woody Harrelson was in it as well. He’s nearly as bad as McConaughey for me, in that same slimy mumbling not very convincing in any role kinda way. He nearly ruined No Country For Old Men, thankfully Chigurh put a stop to that!

I thought Harrelson was terrific in No Country For Old Men.

I also thought MM was very good in True Detective and Mud. Also, Dallas Buyer’s Club, and even Interstellar.

And Dazed and Confused.

At least he’s better than Owen Wilson.

Lincoln Lawyer.

I like him. And Woody.

He is a terrible actor and annoying as hell. Something about his acting grates on me.

Samuel L Jackson has accepted his typecast nature. But if you watch his films from before he became “Samuel L Jackson”, it’s clear that he can act very well as other characters.

A Time to Kill
The Long Kiss Goodnight

This. He often *does * play the same character in most of his movies but Dallas Buyer’s Club shows the man can truly act.

Dude’s busy, he doesn’t have a lot of time to work on his acting chops. What’s he doing? Well, according to an urban legend that I just heard about in my head, if you go into the bathroom at midnight, turn the lights off, and say “Allright, allright, allright”, Matthew McConaughey appears and hands you a blunt. He’s not getting the work that Bloody Mary does, so he’s still acting to keep the bills paid, but he’s got a bright future as an anthropomorphic personification.

I thought he was good in Mud, but haven’t seen too many of his other movies to fairly judge. Sam Jackson def has legit acting chops when he is allowed to showcase them, but he annoys the shit out of me because he usually isn’t and he is inevitably in every movie I see, hate those CapitalOne commercials too!

Agreed. He’s not playing his usual persona in that one.

He’s also good in Bernie playing a good-old-boy sheriff in Texas.

Are you Stewie Griffin?

I like McConaughey, except for that insane period where Hollywood thought he was perfect rom-com lead material.

He starts off playing his usual persona and the psychological quest of the movie is him undergoing a hero’s journey out of his good ol’ boy shadow/lesser self. Like Bruce Willis getting over himself in Die Hard or Arnold Schwarzenegger getting over his need to be at the top in Predator.

Evidently, they’re all capable of going back to their respective persona on and off the screen once their best movie is done filming.

Wasn’t he? They seem to have done well and it’s not like most rom-com aim to be anything else than audiovisual Harlequin romances. They’re emotional/flirty/courtship porn for women and he must have fit pretty well.