Linda Ronstandt's breasts

Does Linda Ronstandt have breast implants?

Do semi aquatic walruses make flubbing noises?

And what about the buffalo?

the glorious, blorious, whoriest, buffalo?

So. . . . yes?

Just opened my newspaper (the Globe and Mail) this morning & find a little piece about how “A recent review of 12 popular science textbooks used in U.S. middle schools has turned up 500 pages’ worth of errors.” Along with duller items, like incorrect periodic tables &c., there’s this item:

“A photograph of Linda Ronstadt labelling the singer as a silicon crystal.”
Given the title of this thread I can just guess what use of silicon they had been intending to illustrate. --N

A slight hijack back to reality.

Some people have had a public life for a long time. Linda Ronstandt first became known while she was in the Stone Poneys in the 60s.

While there were breast implants, silicone injections to be precise, during that time (cultural note – stripper Carol Doda) they were exceedingly rare and expensive. Simply compare photos of the young and the later Ms. Ronstandt and ask yourself whether a young folk-rock singer would have gotten breast implants.

Now, whether she had a boob lift when she got older is another question.

She isn’t the type to have fake breasts.

This is exactly what I am talking about! My best friend goes to UGA and saw this textbook–he told me about it, and we couldn’t figure out if she had implants or not!!

I thought she had the old-fashioned bust enhancer–cheeseburger implants.


cheeseburgers plus breasts.

dropzone, I love you!

I don’t mind the weight gain so much as the mustache.

Reminds me of that Seinfeld Episode with Teri Hatcher. The best way to find out is to…
Rondstadt, Hatcher, Britney Spears…will we ever know the truth?

<looking at the picture on the People Pages>

If you are one of the lovely ladies in that picture, especial the Mariel Hemingway clone at three o’clock, I am sure I can reciprocate.

If you are the one in the middle or the one at five o’clock, I don’t know how to break this to you, but…

Have you seen a picture of her lately? She’s FAT, looks like she’s pushing 300lbs. Her breasts have been dwarved by her massive gut. The double chin and jowls are really unappealing. Sorry, but it’s true. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Note the body-flattering muu-muu and draped scarves.

Here’s a specially flattering picture of the double-chin:

Note: I got these pictures from a fan website, which obviously wants to portray her in the best possible light. And if this is the best they could do…

Linda Ronstandt just may be the only perfect woman in the history of the human race.

sing along, folks

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there’s a man you should be callin
Call KL5-4796

Mr. Plow is a loser, and I think he is a boozer,
So you’d better make that call to the Plow King*

Geez–I don’t think she looks that terrible. I was excepting something like that chick from Wilson Phillips before she had the surgery.