Linda Tripp is pining for the fjords.

Dead at 70 (not Corona.)

She had pancreatic cancer and was only diagnosed last week. It’s not unusual to die fast from that type of cancer.

Wow, poor woman

The WaPo article I saw said breast cancer.

I’ve been reading pancreatic cancer in a number of places. Apparently it can be really fast and aggressive.

Despite everything, Monica Lewinsky is being very sympathetic.

She’d had breast cancer many years ago. I remember seeing her interviewed on Larry King, and she said that for her, the worst side effect was one that happens in about 10% of the people who take one of the drugs she used: in addition to losing her hair, her finger- and toenails also fell out. :eek:

Not that it matters much one way or the other but the Washington Post article still says this:

I watched my brother it law go through it for a year. Sometimes quicker is better.

My Uncle died screaming in pain in the middle of the night with no pain medication from Pancreatic cancer, poor guy was begging for his wife to bring him a gun at the end.

I have to give Monica Lewinsky tons of credit. Whatever one thought of her when the scandal broke, and in the immediate aftermath, she’s really went out of her way to move past it and not let it define her today.

The interview she did with John Oliver was fantastic.

NFL hall of famer Gene Upshaw died 3 days after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer .

This. My grandmother died of it. \

Sometimes the prognosis is “how long have I got?”

“Six months if you’re lucky. A year if you’re not.”

RIP Ms. Tripp.


And I’m very proud of my fellow SDMB members for nobody going low on this. I didn’t like what she did to her friend at the time, but we all exit this world, and it looks like she did it in a pretty tough way. RIP.

On a brighter note, they’ve been making giant strides with pancreatic cancer treatments. Some patients are living years with a decent quality of life now. But it’s like a lot of cancers that start in internal organs…it’s often not discovered until it’s late stage.

Yeah, I always thought Tripp was a bad “friend,” but it never occurred to me she deserved to die of pancreatic cancer.

If you’d ever hung out with chickens, you’d know that they deserve to be eaten.

People who work hard at destruction of themself or others deserve any ill fate.

Most of the rest of us don’t deserve what happens to us. That implies a universal moral order for which no evidence exists. I lived a life of lousy decisions but am in a very good place, well beyond what I “deserve” in any rational scheme. I can only blame luck i.e. random factors.

Ms Tripp deserved neither divine reward nor punishment. She died, as we all will. Sayonara.

Well, the thread title isn’t especially respectful, and I say that as both a Democrat and a Monty Python fan.