Lindsay Lohan on Leno tonight

It looks like she put on 3-5 pounds since SNL.

Thank heavens. She looked ghastly then.

3-5? She needs about twenty, get her back up to her fighting weight. And blonde? No.

And her new spin on it is that she’s just “growing up” and everyone’s body changes as they get older and she’s working out. Before that she was just working out and it was for a particular movie role that she needed to be thinner. Next week it will be due to a stomach flu or something.

Well admitting that it was coke would get her in a lot of trouble.

I saw a commercial for her on Leno and she had red hair again. I hope that’s the case, because she looks much prettier with the red.

Did anyone else read that word as “fisting?” Anyone? Just me? Alright then.

no, but i wish i did!

:eek: :eek: :eek:
You made me cough Twizlers up into my nose!
Because I’m picturing YOU fisting her.

I know it’s a Lindsay Lohan thread, but still this thread went south quicker than I expected… :eek:


Little Bird is very funny-originally posted by Carrot Topp. :smiley:

I hear she attempted to “Do the Cruise” by jumping all over the sofa.