Line2 app

So, having been inundated by the news of this popular app I have been wondering a couple of things. I’m an Ipod touch owner, with the latest OS version, and I overheard that this app will turn the touch into a phone inside wifi hotspots. Can anyone confirm this to me? And does that mean that the Ipod touch has some sort of built in microphone in it?? where is it located?? Thanks! Any reviews on the app would be appreciated.

IPhone App to Sidestep AT&T

I came across the above story today, and thought I would link to it for you. It has a ‘video’ that may answer a question or two. I have no ‘personal info’ on it, though - sorry.

An iPod touch (2nd generation) can use Apple’s In-Ear Headphones, and the In-Ear Headphones include a microphone.

The microphone can be used to record voice memos, but can also be used for a VOIP application.
(Note, I’ve only read about this, I haven’t done it myself.)

whoa, I just checked the App Store and it looks like Apple has taken Line2 down!