lingerie modeling shops

Our subject of discussion here at work came to the subject of lingerie modeling shops (somehow we always end up talking about sex). Anyhow, none of us have every been inside one of these places, but we all agree that what happens is: You go in, pay, and are taken to a private room where some beautiful woman proceeds to give you a private dance where she starts out wearing lingerie and ends wearing nothing. A few guys also swear that if you also give them an extra $50 or more that they will, ahemm… “do a little extra.”

Now I have a hard time believing this last part. Since technically isn’t that prostitution? If so wouldn’t these places get shut down all the time, what with police stings and all. I live two blocks from one of these places, and am now a little curious.

Yes it is prostitution.

And nobody practices prostitution becuse it is illegal. Right…

A lot of brothels advertise somewhat openly as “sensual massage” or something similar, and most brothels are open secrets. Ultimately, a lot of whethor or not it gets busted depends upon its location and the attitude of the local police. Brothels in residential areas that get lots of complaints are more apt to be shut down than those that exist in more isolated or remote areas. I have never even heard of a “lingere modeling” business, and certainly some are brothels, although most may be relatively on the level.

I worked at a restaurant with a girl who’s last job had been at a lingere modeling shop. She pretty much confirmed everything satanslawyer said. She was fired after a paying customer complained that she had refused to go all the way. Apparently, she had no problem with being a stipper, but couldn’t stomach prostitution. The shop is now shut down after it was the subject of a police sting. Go figure.

Prostitution isn’t illegal everywhere… I know of two places in Nevada that have legalized it.

In the US there are “gentlemen’s clubs” in virtually every major city. Usually they are either downtown or near the airport. I have never heard of them being in or near a residential area. Zoning ordinances control where certain types of businesses can reside.

In these “nudie bars” you can sit and watch exotic dancers (strippers etc.) and usually can pay for a lap dance. The dancer may be nude, wearing a G-string or something less reveling. Local laws tend to control what they can wear, whether you can drink alcohol, if you can touch etc. My understanding is that there is a tacit agreement with local law enforcement that as long as there aren’t problems (drugs, illegal prostitution, fights etc.) that they are usually left alone as long as they follow the rules. As soon as they break the rules (e.g. allow underage people inside) the police will come down hard and have the place shut down.

You’re very close, satanslawyer, but not all the way there. The point is not just a private exotic dance and the point is not prostitution either.

Lingerie modeling shops are also nicknamed “jack shacks” …now do you get the picture?

Ok, I got the Straight Dope on this.

It turns out all I had to do was ask one of my “white trash” co-workers who will remain nameless, (strange coughing sounds) “Rrrrrrrrrusty!!!”

The way these places work is: You go in, pay $40-$50 and you get 20 min. in a private room. Once in there, she will proceed to give you a private dance. You can, once in the room, get as comfortable as you want. If that means taking your clothes off and enjoying yourself, well you can legally do that.

Now as for what the stripper will provide for your pleasure that depends on how much you tip her. If you tip her $50 bucks she will give you another dance in which she’ll probably touch you a little. If you tip her $100-$200 she might be willing to perform fellatio on you. If you were to tip more than $250, she might be willing to have intercourse. Now these dollar values will vary depending on how good looking you are, (if you look like Brad Pitt, what the hell are you doing in a place like this?) If the dancer is willing to perform these acts, what kind of mood she’s in, and of course how bad does she need the money.

Well, there you have it. Needless to say, I think I’m going to spend my paycheck on more important things, like rent.