Link to frightening images you thought were cute in childhood

I’ll start you off.

Damn, that’s scary!

This is the only picture I could find–scroll way down to the large image. As a kid I loved to listen to the Lolliwinks record, which was basically the elf version of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Everybody sing along with Farfi! Misty moooorning, misty mooooooorning…

What’s scariest about them, I think, is that I remember watching them.

Me too. I thought they were really cool. But the monkey guy creeped me out even then.

cute song, scary characters

Banana Splits creeped me out, even when I were a nipper back in the 70s. As did this evil childhood destroyer.


ETA: oh yeah, what pincnurse said.


This guy, his show, and the fact that he had a “Tickle Trunk” should have alarmed me as a child. It wasn’t until years later that my Squickmeter exploded.

I give you Mr. Dressup

Meh, I still think she was kind an adorable kid.


I’ve tried to find a link to it but can’t - the Dr Seuss book where there is a train on a rickety track held up by skinny, wobbly hills. I think it is from Sam I Am. That gives me nightmares now.

Bertie the Bunyip.

Holy shit.
That’s Evil.

Can’t sleep. Puppet will eat me. :eek:

This almost qualifies for this thread, except I found her evil and scary when I was a kid as well. And not just in photos. Live and in the evil starchy flesh. And that evil chick even made a record, which my sister would play again and again.

That will give me nightmares even now!


Yet another time when one should play the Doors The End very softly late at night so that it may just be heard by the offending family member.

Not only do I remember watching the Banana Splits, I cried when it went off the air.

Hands down (and intestines exposed): Slim Goodbody.

This creepy family fascinated me in an unhealthy way when I was a kid, and now I find them just plain revolting.

There’s a video you can watch partway down the page, if you can take it.

Gigglesnort Hotel

Thanks. You have just unlocked a case of disturbing childhood imagery that was heretofore buried. Was that in some way connected to HR HufNPuf? The dungeons of my memory palace seem to have conflated the two.

Those acid-heads have a lot to answer for.