Link to your favorite editorial cartoons about the Obama victory

I think this one from David Horsey is great.

This is what was in our paper today

Joel Pett

This isn’t a new victory cartoon, but it makes me tear up every time I see it: Life at the Obama White House

From today’s Toronto Star

Abe Lincoln’s a terrorist! Abe Lincoln’s a terrorist! :smiley:

We’ve got work to do.

I really liked that one! Thank you for sharing.

When I arrived at work today I immediately printed this cartoon (spotted in today’s Metro newspaper) and posted it on my cubicle’s wall.

Not sure how long it will be on this page, but this was in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Wow, that’s… wow.

Am I the only one crying over these? Man, I’m such a sap.

No, not the only, especially the Joe Pett one.

Another Lincoln-Obama effort, from Jeff Danzinger.

Tom Toles

This one made me cry.

Not even faintly alone. Each one is giving another nudge to the waterworks I’ve had going on all day, especially that first one from David Horsey.

:goes off to find a new tissue:

I LOVE this one! Thanks for sharing it.

Bill Day, good lord. He’d been drawing for the Detroit Free Press for years, when the Challenger space shuttle exploded. His cartoon the next day became an iconic image of that event, next to the pictures of the smoke trails themselves.

Looks like he hasn’t lost his touch.

British offering. I do love the use of the flag colours in that way.

Marshall Ramsey, Jackson (MS) Clarion-Ledger: