Link to your favorite editorial cartoons about the Obama victory

This one from Steve Greenberg got me going.

More please. :slight_smile:


I must confess…after Obama’s victory speech, when Michelle joined him onstage, the first thought that came to my mind was: “Terrorist fist jab! TERRORIST FIST JAB!” Even through my great joy, I was a little disappointed when it didn’t happen.

Glad to see I’m not the only one. :smiley:

I sincerely wish President-Elect Obama nothing but the best, and I completely get the connection that is being made but – I have to say I find the “Obama as the next Lincoln” thing a bit unsettling. Things didn’t go all that well for President Lincoln. Couldn’t we compare the President-Elect to a statesman who did great things, lived to be 100, and died in his bed?

I don’t think they’re calling Obama the next Lincoln- just suggesting that he fulfills some of Lincoln’s best ideals. I heard Corey Booker just now talking about Obama’s appeal to our “better angels,” and if you’d been at my place last night I would have bet you money that Obama was going to invoke the phrase “with malice toward none, with charity for all” in his speech last night.

Well, that, unfortunately, would be none of them. Jerry Ford’s come the closest to being 100 (falling some 7 or so years short of the mark, IIRC), and I’m not sure how many people besides Nixon would say he did “great” things. :wink:

Clay Bennett is as elegant as he always is.

I quite like this, just stylistically.

This gets points for creativity; I haven’t seen many which are thematically similar.

And I believe this nicely sums up how Obama managed to actually win.

For once, I actually really like Oliphant’s work.

I, uh, harbor a secret passion for editorial cartoons.

I think this one is hilarious because to me it looks like Lincoln is holding open a trench coat, flashing Obama. :slight_smile:

All the choices are good so far, except for this one, which I’m dense about. Someone explain it to me please, because I don’t get it.

Reaching across the aisle. The elephant has quite clearly been kicked in the nuts by the jackass, then the jackass offers the elephant some aspirin and an ice pack.

Oh. :smack: I thought the elephant had to really really relieve itself.

Terrorist fist jab with MLK!!! :smiley:

I do too. I love reading up on the Caglecollection. Their year in reviews are always fun to look back on.

Aw Juliana, you beat me to it.

Here is a pagewith several of Ramsey’s cartoons from the night. I like the Palin one.
Big fan of this guys work.

Great site. Thanks for sharing that. It’s amazing how much stuff is on the internet that I have never seen, and it’s always nice to find gems like that one.

Similar to several others, but a nice take on the idea is this one by Robert Ariail

Cagle has a couple of collections for the day:

Lincoln Likes Obama

Obama Wins!

I’m having trouble picking a favorite. There are some in the win series that surprised me with their level of disillusionment (yes, I’m a permanent optimist), but most of them are celebratory.

Thanks to Kythereia and RoOsh for linking to the Cagle site.


Hopefully, this link stays current.

Mission Accomplished from the NZ Herald.

Just adding this from Tom Scott.