My Idea For An Editorial Cartoon.

I was thinking to myself 2 days ago in English class, (Yes, I am a highschooler, and it would be ironic to have spelling errors in this post) and somehow the thought of an interesting editorial cartoon popped in my head.

So, here it is: It involved Osama Bin Laden Lighting the american flag on fire, and in the next frame having President Bush stamping it out with his feet.

The idea is, (for those who don’t quite understand) is that Osama tried to destroy the United States, and Bush stopped him, but in the end hurt the States himself.

More indepth: Osama and 9/11. Therefore, torching the American Flag.
Bush, not letting Osama bully the U.S.A. around and intimidate him, stops the fire. But he does it in a way that it hurts the U.S.A.
Stamping out a flag, on the ground, with his feet.
He would be breaking a few rules about flag etiquette. Right?
How he hurts the U.S.A. is by starting a war that does not need to happen, and spending $100 billion on war tools. And all the other excessive junk.

I’m curious as to what you all think of my idea, I’m not trying to insult any American, or Bush. Because Bush would never literally stamp out an American flag of course, it’s just a metaphor. It’s just a thought that needs more opinions. I’ve spread this idea with my brother and my friends, and they all said it was dumb. But I still think it is pretty good.

Please post an opinion.

I think it’s great that people in high school are thinking for themselves (the teachers rarely make us do that), and that there are other high-schoolers (highschoolers? high schoolers?) besides myself on the SDMB. It sounds like a good idea to me. If you can draw decently (I know I can’t) I would go ahead and do it, for your own enjoyment, if nothing else.