Link to your favorite editorial cartoons about the Obama victory

Awwwwwwwwwwwww! Me too!

I don’t get this one at all? Who’s Wicker? And I can’t read the shirt on the other guy. This must be a state or local election(?).
Love the cartoons on Cagle.

That’s the new cartoon. Click the link for Nov. 5.

In the interest of fairness, here’s a selection from the other side of the aisle.
Glenn McCoy
Michael Ramirez
Chuck Asay
Lisa Benson
Steve Benson
Chip Bok

Conservative cartoonists are well-represented on the Cagle site if you go back far enough, actually. Alas, it’s only editorial cartoons, so there is no Mallard Fillmore sparkle.

Thought that myself at first glance. :slight_smile:


Mike Luckovich

Yet another on the Lincoln/MLK theme (from Mr. Lincoln’s hometown paper)

I like The Economist’s cartoon, even if it’s not quite as jubilant as some of the others here.

Well, that’s about right, unfortunately. We already know we’re in the shit, we don’t yet know how deep it is. You just know they are hiding some nasty stuff till after the election, and are probably hoping to keep the lid on till they can get the hell out of town.


From the 21st Century version of editorial cartoons (not that the previous versions are in any way obsolete):

A new spin on MLK’s famous words.

And if this one or this one doesn’t choke you up just a little bit, you have no soul, IMHO.

Can someone explain the Steve Benson one?

Depends on whether you’re a Real American or a Librul.

If you’re a Real American: “Obama may claim he knows, what blood, sweat, and tears are, but he’s actually a cosseted elitist who’s had it easy. Remember the good old days when the negroes really knew what blood, sweat, and tears were? HAW HAW HAW!”

If you’re a Librul: “Obama was referring to the centuries-long struggle for equality. Yes, he’s the one who’s highly visible at this moment, but we should all remember those who went before him.”

Given that the cartoon is “from the other side of the aisle” but not being a total bastard, I’d suggest that the real explanation is the first sentence of the Real American version above.

I’m so glad everyone enjoyed Joel Pett’s cartoon as much as I did. He’s a Pulitizer Prize winner for cartooning (won the year after David Horsey, as a matter of fact!). He’s also a nice guy!

Please Sir, could I have some more?

I am soulless enough to be freaked out that the man’s tear ducts are apparently on the wrong side of his eyes.

LOVING the one with the West Side Story reference!

Tears don’t automatically exit the eye immediately after being produced by the ducts. Depending on the shape and orientation of the eye, and the volume of tears, tears can well up in the eye first, then exit following the path of least resistance. I’d say Mr. Obama’s outside corners of his eyes are lower than the inside corners, plus his habit of holding his chin up makes the tears flow as shown.

Maybe. Or maybe he’s secretly a hideous reptoid who has just successfully infiltrated the most powerful office in the world. But you go right on ahead and keep making excuses for him. We’ll just see how you try to explain it away when he starts eating live hamsters in public.

I have the feeling some of those links were originally linked to different days’ cartoons, so I don’t know if this has already been seen, but this is one that particularly moves me.