Tom Toles is moving to the Washington Post!!

The Washington Post has snagged Tom Toles to be Herblock’s successor as the paper’s editorial cartoonist.

As a regular Washington Post reader, and as a big Toles fan, I’m overjoyed. It’s been my opinion for some time that Toles is the best in the game*. While I’m sorry for the folks of Buffalo who are losing his daily presence, I’m gonna be selfishly glad for me. I hope he stays with the Post for a long time. :slight_smile:
*[sub]At least within the limits of what the audience of a major daily newspaper can deal with, that is. I’d like to live in a world where Tom Tomorrow or Ruben Bolling could be a paper’s editorial cartoonist without toning things down a couple of notches, but it ain’t happening soon. [/sub]

**[sub]I wasn’t sure what forum to put this in. Toyed with GD and Cafe Society, but I figured it could go in either of them, or here. Mods, if you feel like moving this thread, go right ahead. [/sub]

Who is Tom Toles? Never heard of him.

He’s just this guy, you know.

But draws great political cartoons. Follow the link.

Oh, I love Toles! Especially the lower left corner with the extra punchline. There’s always a tiny little Tom Toles, at his drawing board: sometimes he makes the comment and sometimes it’s made by an equally tiny figure.

I have a collection of his cartoons. One that has stuck with me shows the world as a glass jar, filled almost to the brim with tiny little people. A sign propped against the jar states:

“Guess how many people this jar can hold before something really bad happens.
Hint: Don’t guess wrong.”

In the corner, Tiny Toles adds, “Another hint: Guess soon.”