linksys nr041 router problems

ok i know… i was stupid for buying it. but anyways right now i am unable to connect to hotmail through my router. the mtu setting is set to 1400 so thats not the first suggestion ya give me. this problem just started the other day when i flashed the firmware on the router. it continued on after i re-flashed it with the original version. my os is windows 2000. it justr seems rather bizarre that my router would cause this kind of issue. i need my email dangit!

I really doubt it’s your router(which, you are quite correct is a flaming pile… as you can see i used to own one as well).

  1. Try connecting directly to your dsl/cable modem.

  2. Some websites(such as wells fargo and American express, unsure of hotmail) will not let you log in if it detects spyware/malware/security breaches. Try running Adaware and a virus scanner.

1400 is an odd MTU - who told you to use that? 1492 is probably the most common for use with DSL.

Head over to and in the Tests+Tools section, run their Tweak Test - this should point out anything wildly out of whack in your setup.

well i did track it down to my router. connecting to the modem gives me no problems. the techs at linksys were the ones that had me set the mtu to 1400 after it didnt work at 1492…