Linux gurus: Question regarding fglrx

I posted the following question on Ubuntu Forums, but it hasn’t generated a lot of response. I know there are a lot of Linux users/smart people on these boards, so maybe someone can help. Original post found here.

Any ideas?

Try following this.


Pardon my ignorance, but that’s for nVidia. Aren’t nVidia and Radeon two different companies?

Thread title changed from “Ubuntu gurus: Question regarding fglrx” to “Linux gurus: Question regarding fglrx” at the OP’s request.


I searched on the nvidia_127 error, which threw me. Sorry.

I’ll get back to you


Manual steps here, follow option 2. There are some debugging options, too.

I use the Radeon (opensource ATI) drivers, as my X1300 has fallen of the supported list for fglrx, but even there, I needed to find a customised version with disabled page-flipping. Video drivers can be a hassle.


si_blakely’s advice is sound. Generally directly downloading the drivers will get you newer drivers than distro-packaged ones will.

If the manual install fails again, can you please try this? Try the driver install again, but open a terminal window rather than double clicking it. In the terminal window, do:

sudo /path/to/downloaded/ati/installer 2>&1 | tee /tmp/ati-install.log

Obviously putting the right path in there. :wink: This will display the output of the installer, as well as saving it to /tmp/ati-install.log. Could you post here (preferably via since some of the logs will be large-ish) the contents of:

as well as any log file the installer may create on its own

This will make it a lot easier to help troubleshoot.

ETA: Also, this will show you any errors when the X server starts: grep ‘(EE)’ /var/log/Xorg.0.log | less

Thank you both. Three questions:[ol]
[li]Is installing this driver actually likely to fix my sound issue?[/li][li]If not, why is the standard audio cable I’m using from the sound card to the audio jack of the TV not working?[/li][li]Is there any particular reason you can think of as to why the Additional Drivers installer isn’t working?[/li][/ol]Thanks again.

[li]I’m going to guess no. While the HDMI port is on your video card, the HDMI audio output is a separate driver. The HDMI output should actually show up as another sound card on your machine. Check your mixer settings. If you don’t see it, try “sudo modprobe hda-intel”, which I believe is the HDMI audio driver used for ATI cards. [/li][li]If you’re using an HDMI input for video the TV likely only accepts audio over HDMI with that input selected. Are the audio inputs on the back of your TV visually “grouped” with the HDMI port? e.g. Both bordered by a box saying “input 3” or similar? I know my TV will let me do this if I use the VGA input, but not HDMI.[/li][li]Please try the commands I posted above to generate more log output, and post that. Without that there’s nothing to do but guess. :)[/li][/ol]

Good luck!

Hey, all, back again. I booted up the computer to try the fixes suggested in this thread, but now I’m running into a new problem: Ubuntu hangs at the startup screen. So far, it’s been 30 minutes and no change. Reboots do nothing. I’ve tried accessing the GRUB menu by holding down Shift, but it still goes to the startup screen. Any advice?

Try hitting Escape several times after the BIOS/POST screens to see if that gets you into the GRUB menu.