Linux screen fonts...

So I just upgraded to SuSE 8.2 with Mozilla 1.2, and installed my MS web fonts via YAST. Though it pains me, I have to grudgingly give MS some credit for Verdana. That’s a damn fine screen font.

Anyway, I fire up Mozilla, set Verdana as my default Sans-serif, and proceed to surf.


Mozilla 1.2’s antialiasing on true type fonts totally sucks. So bad that I’ve uninstalled all the core fonts from my system and stuck with the default Butt Ugly Helvetica. Which is bad enough in it’s own right, especially at small sizes, but nowhere near as nasty as Mozilla’s new renderings.

So can any of you Linux folk recommend a nice sans-serif screenfont that doesn’t require antialiasing in Mozilla? I imagine ttf is probably a bad idea, but I’m willing to give anything free or cheap a shot.


My SO says:

I use Mozilla in Linux (Debain) and I like Helvetica. I can’t really see a difference between it and Arial in Windows.

Good luck!

Thanks mnem (and hubby too.)

Maybe it’s just me. I actually like the way IE renders. Oh well.

I’ve ended up using Konqueror instead. It does the antialiasing right; I still prefer plain vanilla bitmap fonts for on-screen use on my laptop, but at least I can read it without my eyes bleeding.

      • This may not matter, you may have done it already, but there was a story on Slashdot about how some aspect of Linux was disabled to display truetype fonts at the maximum ideal resolution. Or something. Anyway, they weren’t allowed to distribute the executable, but they were allowed to distribute the source code, which they did. So to use it, there was something you had to do and then recompile and install or whatever, that made it look a lot better… or something. Got that? Good.