Oh, Verdana, Where art thou?

Okay, so yesterday I get an email from the systems dept. at work that they are updating our Internet Explorer to IE 5.5. I ran the update, blah blah, everything seemed alright.

Then, this morning I came into the office and suddenly many webpages would not load - most specifically THE SDMB!!! It just won’t load properly - I get some of the graphics, but nothing more. Same thing with The Onion! I can’t accept this.

After looking at some stuff on my work computer, I figure it out - for some reason, my computer can’t read any of the Verdana fonts anymore. I open up the font file and it’s got the formatting stuff, but all of the example text is gone. I try to use it in Word and everything seems to go to hell. I even had a friend try to email me the Verdana.ttf files but I ran into the same problems with the files he sent.

What is wrong with my computer and what can I do to fix it?


If you go to Microsoft’s website, you should be able to download the Verdana font. It’s right here… http://www.microsoft.com/typography/fontpack/default.htm?fname=%20&fsize= about halfway down the page.

Oh, I still have the font, it’s just that my computer won’t recognize it for some reason.


Usually a reboot fixes bizarro font problems for me.

Umm, maybe a trip to WindowsUpdate might help fix the problem. Microsoft includes new font packs in their Internet Explorer section sometimes. http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com

What version of I.E. did you upgrade from?

Wow, actually never mind. Logged in this morning to find that, presto change-o, everything works now. I hate computers sometimes.

Thanks for the help, though!