Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh meh. We can do better. Contribute a clever sports team nickname!

Any city, state, province, parish, country, continent eligible.

What sports team nickname would you like to see?

I’ll start us off:

The Houston Wehaveaproblems.

funny you made this thread … apparently new NHL vegas hockey team had so many naming problems that they picked something everyone hated …

Nashville Cats. Known for their clean style of play.

Really exists, and is probably my favorite: Arkansas School for the Deaf Leopards.

The Santa Clara Vampires.

The Tuskeegee Experimentals. :eek:

All the teams on The Adventures of Pete and Pete were called The Squids.

The Hoosier Daddies.

Introducing the Albuquerque bowling team, the Turkeys.

The Lubbock Bullocks.

The Westchester Chestbursters.

The Hamburg Erhelpers

Any one of Hermes’ exclamations from Futurama would work.

Sweet Gorillas of Manila.
Sweet Ponies of Sierra Leone.
Sweet Guinea Pigs of Winnipeg.
Sweet Sacred Boas of West and Eastern Samoa.
Sweet Kookaburras of Edinburgh.

Well, if the university I graduated from ever decided to change the sport team names, they could be The Cranes.

Currently they are the Ichabods.

The Phoenix Phoenixes.

The Minnesota Jerks

The Westchester Jesters
The Westchester Molesters
The Westchester Lemon Zesters

I want to buy the Washington Redskins, and change the name to the Washington Honkies.

The most obvious answer, the Cleveland Steamers. There is a company called that that makes hot dog cookers. They have to hate the fact that name is used for something nasty.

No fair reusing any of these.