Liquor/Beer/Wine - The effects thereof

Why do different types of alcoholic beverages affect people differently???

For example:
Drinking beer makes me want to dance,dance,dance,and talk,talk talk.

Drinking wine makes me want to sleep.

Drinking vodka depresses the hell out of me.

Drinking Brandy gets me REAL mellow.

I have recently discovered Tequila. I LOVE that stuff!!
It makes me HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, _ _ _ _ _ and NO HANGOVER!!!

Why is this?

I’d suspect the “different alcohol gives wildly differing effects” is pretty much psychosomatic. I’ve heard many times that certain drinks (tequila and Jagermeister are two) make people “completely crazy”. I’d guess that it has a lot more to do with the situation that the alcohol is consumed in. When people drink tequila or Jager shots, they’re rarely sitting with their family in an expensive restaurant; they’re more likely to be at a college party or something like that. The active ingredient in alcoholic beverages is basically alcohol and nothing else, so far as I know.