Lissner, This Pit Is For You.

Ok, shitcock, let’s continue the conversation about how you are a sorry, miserable excuse for a human being. Only a grade-A asshole throws a defenseless indoor cat outside in the winter to fend for itself.

What’s worse is you don’t regret it.

So come on down, buddy boy. Come on down so we can virtually beat your sorry ass.

Or maybe you’ll run away like the chickenshit you are.

Oh and now you’re crying because the mods moved it to the pit? What a fucking candy ass.

Sad thread with no link is sad.

Linky link?

Do have fun. I’m sure that the OP enjoys being persecuted, but that just means that we have to enjoy persecuting him even more.

25,000 children died today. And you get pissed about a cat. Shame on you!:wink:

Paul Verhoeven made a movie about lissener. It was called ShowOffs.

Anyone who doesn’t fully appreciate the depth and significance of this film is an ignorant troglodyte communist homophobe.

How do they manage to make the number exactly 25,000 every day, anyway? If they have extras, do they hold 'em over for days when they come up a bit short, or what?



Cats are one of the few animals that I credit with enough intelligence to be malicious.

Can’t say I really care.

They roll over like minutes on your cell phone.

I am going to hell for laughing at this

Wasnt Lissener the guy who pretty much lost everything he owned due to hoarding, garbage piling up, and a clean up crew that pretty much threw everything away?

If so, that particular story no long makes me feel nearly as sad for Lissener, if at all.

Tell me about it. I once lived in a house with a cat. Out of all the places in my room he could have chosen, the little fucker perched himself in my kleenex box. I swear he knew I was allergic!

I think Lissener has been having a really shit time and been posting stuff a depressed mood swinging upset person would be posting. I hope he doesn’t go off the deep end. The cat thread was written to piss off people that is for sure. I really see no other purpose for that thread.

Oh garsh, he was mean to a cat! MURDER HIM!

Perhaps the snowy outdoors was safer for the cat than being crushed under a mountain of garbage?

No, he boasted about abandoning a house pet to die in the snow and acted surprised and hurt when people called him on it. See the difference? Just a little?

It was just performance art. Some people feed on attention.

Next thing you’re going to say is that a veteran Doper would have some clue that starting a thread about declawing cats in a speeding SUV breaking numerous traffic laws after not tipping several waiters, and then throwing the declawed cats at fat people… might not go over well.