list of rules for SDMB?

In threads like this

In another thread it was brought up that you can’t imply/state that users are on your ignore filter.

The problem is… I’ve read a few of the sticky threads at the top of a few boards on the SDMB, but I haven’t seen those rules. Haven’t even seen them implied. There are a few others that I hadn’t heard of until someone mentioned it in a thread.

Should I just read over all the stickies on all the folders as I’ve only read them in a few? Have I missed a post in a sticky thread in IMHO for instance?

I want to be able to follow all the rules, and if I missed an important sticky thread I want to read it A.S.A.P.

So, come on dopers, help me fight my ignorance, please.

I’d check out the “about this messageboard” forum, it should answer all your questions.

Read the FAQs in ATMB.


Thank you both… I must’ve been blind or something.

And just so that I know, are all the rules collected there?
Should i just read every post in that folder or do you also have to read all the stickies in other folders and/or read other posts?

It’s all pretty simple actually…

  1. Don’t be a jerk
  2. The first rule of the ignore list is you don’t talk about the ignore list
  3. Hack her to death with a kitchen knife.

contented sigh

I love the new number three.

~puts down rotten eggs and shaving cream~


Using my steadily diminishing mental powers I saw it as “Hack her to death with a kitten knife.”

wtf is a kitten knife?
Who cares. Kittens are cute.
I bet kitten knives are cute too.

Maybe something like this?

These kitten knives…are they sheath, or folders? Is there a legal size limit for concealed carry?

A kitten knife, obviously, is a knife used in the skinning of kittens.

Not surprising you didn’t know this, Lobsang as I understand they have a different method of kitten skinning in the UK.

Just like a buck knife skins bucks and a butter knife skins butter. Now put down that oyster fork.

We’re in the process of reviewing all the FAQs and forum stickies to pull them into clearer form, FinnAgain. As with most worthy projects, it takes time. For the nonce, ATMB and the FAQ will guide you. The forum stickies give information specific to that forum, so it’s always a good idea to at least check 'em out when you have the time.


What makes you think there’s more than one way to skin a kitten, Miller?

They use bagpipes and scare the little critters so bad they jump right our of their skins. Very effective as you can do several at once.

If you only find one way to skin a cat, maybe you’re not putting enough effort into the skinning. I skinned a cat several times, and found many subverisve layers of cat-skinning meaning there. I’m not trying to be elitist, but people who find different ways of cat-skinning aren’t just making it up.

Thanks much.
Other than my first thread started on this board where I let my passions get a hold of me and was wayyyy over the top, I think I’ve been pretty much good.
Still wanna make sure I’m doing right by y’all.

Thanks again to everybody who took the time to answer.


You ARE Korzybski’s WILD MAN! :wink:

Hell, that would work on me