SDMB Posting Rules; Appendix A, Subsection 16, SubParagraph 3

You know what we need around here? More rules. I think we especially need rules that will be difficult to cite, impossible to enforce and easy to break. In other words, I’d like to foster a culture of Outlaws here on the SDMB. Wait, no I don’t. What I want is to restore some order around here. Yeah, that’s it. So please review the following and immediately report any rogues to the proper authority*.

[ul]Posters shall not quote the OP in the first response in the thread.[/ul]

[ul]All new members must henceforth forward to this licensing body exactly (and in US currency) 11 pennies, 3 nickles, 17 dimes and one (2003) quarter. Cash only, PayPal, Credit Cards and Checks not accepted[/ul]

[ul]When addressing a Moderator, the proper etiquette is as follows: “Hail, Moderator. Greetings and Salutations.”. Failure to comply will result in 2 days in the pillory.[/ul]

*Since I am not actually sanctioned to create, enforce or otherwise endorse Board Policy, I guess this thread would have to stand as the authority regarding matters of policy, uh, recorded in… this thread. Can we make this sticky? I think we ought to. Just sayin’.

Mundane - check.
Pointless - double check.
Must share - not so much, I think.

I like rule #3 but think we should all greet eachother that way. How much nicer would your day be if you were always greeted like that.

Hail Winston Smith, Greetings and Salutations!

I’d like to offer that no thread involving babies, puppies or kittens be allowed without a link to cute photos.

That is all. Carry on then.

I second rule #1.

I rule second number two.

Who’s Number One?
You are, Number Six.

You rule.


Winston you don’t have enough to do at work again, do you!

You had better start the ask Winston’s coworks thread again.

I thought the rules said questions about the rules go in ATMB and comments upon them go in the Pit… :dubious:

[li]No pooftahs![/li][/ul]

Rule 5: There is NOOOOO rule 5.

Rule 6: No pooftahs! :smiley:

Rule #7: No member of the SDMB shall maltreat any other member at all…

…if there’s anybody watching.
Rule #7: I don’t want to catch anybody not citing!
Now I shall ask the Padre for a prayer.

Is the second Rule #7 there to make up for there being no Rule #5?