List Your Quirks Here

Not talking about major personality disorders or psychological troubles. Minor stuff.

In my case, I have this habit of listening to a playlist - or even a single song, sometimes - over and over and over again. In fact, what got me to thinking about it just now is that for the past several hours I’ve been doing just this - had the same song running over and over again, only interrupting for a half hour for a business call, and it’s still on as I type this.

Some members of my family have said they’ve gotten turned off on songs that they initially liked simply by hearing it so many times from my computer.

What have you got?

I talk to myself sometimes.

When I put plates, bowls, and towels away, I put the freshly cleaned ones on the bottom of the stack. It makes more sense with towels, since theoretically, you don’t use the same one over and over and over. It probably doesn’t matter with plates and bowls - I’m pretty sure the dishwasher won’t fade the Corelle glaze, but it’s my quirk and I stand by it.

I never eat the last bite of a sandwich.

When I fill my cup full of ice, I always take one or two cubes out and throw them in the sink.

There are certain shows in my queue that I reserve for my drinking nights. (For instance: Drunk History is best watched when you’ve got a good beer buzz on. Same with Real Time and Last Week Tonight.)

When I was in elementary school (younger grades) there was a widespread notion that the last bit of milk in any container was spoiled. No one would ever drink it. At the end of a meal every table in the lunchroom would have one or more containers with only a little bit of it left. Then the custodians would go about and combine them all into each other, and serve them the next day to a bunch of kids who would be satisfied that they weren’t drinking spoiled milk from the bottom of the container. :slight_smile:

Looking back, I would guess that the basis for this was that as the container got emptier the smell of the container itself (as opposed to the milk) got stronger, since more of it was exposed, and we kids interpreted this smell as being a spoiled smell. (In those days milk was commonly sold in waxed-cardboard containers, as opposed to plastic.)

Most of my weirdness comes from agoraphobia or OCD. One harmless thing is I never wear shoes in the house. This extends to the deck and garage too. If I have to go on the grass or gravel I pop on crocs or flipflops. They are always by the door.

Good one, I do that too (the tv thing). I do it more with serious or spooky shows. Always had a glass of wine on hand when watching Handmaid’s Tale.

I still have a thing about stepping on the cracks in the pavement. Because of the bears, y’know?


When I drain pasta in the sink, I always run cold water next to the colander to protect the pipes from boiling water. It probably makes little difference, but my wife thinks this is stupid.

When I park the car, I always leave the front wheels straight, and manually turn-off every thing that was just on (audio, AC, lights) before turning off the engine. Yes, I know they all shut down when I turn the key to Off. Something about not having everything start all at once when I go to start the car.

I will not hear the song “Free Bird” if I can prevent it. And I generally can. I’ve been subjected to it only about twice in the last thirty years. It’s not the worst song in the world, but it’s one on which I have Taken a Stand, dammit.

I like to chew aspirin. Sometimes I will do it even if I don’t have a headache.

I won’t eat food that isn’t what I consider to be the proper color. Yellow, orange, white or brown is fine (user name joke goes here). Red and green are on a case-by-case basis. Blue and purple are right out.

I probably have more but I would hate for you guys to think I was weird.

I always make sure the AC is turned off before I start my car. My thinking is that it’s easier on the alternator since the car is drawing less current.

No idea if that’s true or not.

Blueberries? Blackberries (actually blue)? Blackcurrants? Blue cheese?


If the berry color can be hidden (for instance, blended in a chocolate smoothie), okay. Otherwise no.

Blue cheese is acceptable because it’s predominantly white. I’m not crazy. :wink:

In addition to making sure everything is off before starting the car, I also make sure everything is off (including AC) before turning off the car.

Blue Smurf cereal?

With you on this one. Except it was perfect for that scene in Kingsman.

I don’t often make eye contact.
I prefer the company of a cat to people. Really.
I think I’m smarter than most people. I also think I’m not very smart.

If I’m eating something that comes in a lot of small pieces of different flavours (for example, Swedish Fish), I will start eating from whatever flavour I have the most of until I have an equal number of every flavour left. Then I’ll eat one of each in rainbow order.

I also listen to songs I like over and over again. Usually when I’ve just downloaded a song, I’ll keep it on repeat for eight to twelve hours.

Someone told me most people don’t wear their glasses in the shower, but that’s patently absurd. How else would you wash them?

I used to eat M&Ms down until they were of roughly the same amounts, and then would eat them in indiscriminate order while keeping the amounts roughly the same until I had just one left of each color - which I would eat in the order that the sailor scouts died at the end of the first season of sailor moon. (Green, blue, orange, red, brown, yellow.)

Nowadays I just don’t eat M&Ms. :frowning:

I eat jelly beans (one of the few candies I eat as an adult) in a similar way, albeit until there is an equal and even number of each flavor, either two or the more preferred four, then I eat them in of order of my favorite flavors, least to best…jelly beans vary in color in flavor from brand to brand, so the first step is how I evaluate which flavors I prefer more than others…

I eat Twizzlers (the only other candy I eat as an adult) in sets of four, and when I get to the end, there are usually only four left…yes, I know, they are packaged by weight, not by number, and as my wife knows my secret hiding place and has been known to grab a few here and there, I know it’s not significant…but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed when there are 2,3,5,6,or 7 left…

I think it goes back to when I was 7 or 8, I developed a number-based OCD, odd-numbered days were odd, and even-numbered even, I like even days better, no one else knew as I was embarrassed, if I entered a room alone or left alone, I had to turn the light on or off an odd number or even number of times, and for some reason, ‘one’ didn’t count as an odd number, it had to start at three…when I sat on an odd day, my left foot (sinister/sinistrum) would be slightly ahead of my right, on even days, right ahead of left…

It all kind of faded away when I turned 14 and got my first GF - my obsession had found the fairer sex, LOL!

Everytime I go up a flight a stairs, I count the steps. I do not retain this information more than 15 seconds, but I do count the steps. If it’s less than a flight of steps, I don’t count them.

Going down, I don’t count.