List Your Quirks Here

About a year ago, on my daily freeway commute, I started counting the number of Jeeps I see.

The rules (this ain’t 'Nam):

  1. Any model, body style or age is allowed, but it has to say ‘Jeep’ somewhere on it. Non-Jeep SUVs and 4 x 4s don’t count.

  2. I only count Jeeps seen on the freeway (main lanes and on-off ramps), going the same direction as I am.

  3. Jeeps spotted on surface streets and frontage roads don’t count. Jeeps spotted going the opposite direction on the freeway don’t count.

Average per individual commute is 8-10. Personal best is 23.

Thanks for asking.

Hey! I do that too. And every time I do it, I think, “This is pointless. Why am I doing it?”

If you have a stainless steel sink, there may be a point to it after all. At least a couple of times, I’ve triggered a loud bang from rapid expansion of the metal sink when pouring hot pasta water into it. Seems like there could be enough of a shift to potentially result in a leak at the drain.

Maybe not high potential, I’ll grant you, but I run cold water like some other posters, as a precaution.

When I take anything off the shelve at the grocery store, I always move the same item that was behind it up to the front so people can see it.
Milk, corn, ice cream … makes no difference what it us.

I wouldn’t even be in the room while someone else was eating it!

I have no quirks.

It’s all y’all who do things differently that have the quirks.

I take walks. Just leave the house and walk around, no destination in mind, don’t go into any buildings, and walk home when I feel like it. I sometimes get off the bus three or four stops away and walk or walk back. I’m the only person I know who takes walks.

I can’t just walk away from a TV. Even if I’m turning it off, I find something that I would actually want to watch, and then I walk away or turn it off or whatever. It makes no sense, but there you go.

I too put clean towels, sheets, plates, underwear, socks on the bottom or in the back.

Sandwiches taste better when they’re cut in triangles.

I love potato chips but won’t eat them if all that’s left are small, broken pieces of chips.

Doritos must be eaten while holding the top tip of the triangle.

I too remember leaving the last little bit of milk in the carton at school!

I have to read the newspaper while I’m eating breakfast or my day seems off.

I have to walk every morning before work or my day seems off.

During the Christmas season, I have to listen to Christmas music in the car even if I’m sick of it!

I don’t like lights left on in an empty room and am constantly turning them off after my wife.

I actually like the small, broken chip pieces at the bottom of the bag. As well as popcorn kernels that are only popped partway.

I won’t eat a dessert (or other empty calories) unless it’s something I really, really like. For example, my wife brought home a piece of pineapple cake for me early this week. I haven’t touched it. She said, “Well, I know you eat pineapple.” I told her that I do, but I’m not crazy about it and the few hundred calories in the cake aren’t worth the enjoyment. The same applies to ice cream…I’ll only eat chocolate chip or chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. It just seems silly to consume the calories if you don’t think the taste will offset the burden of working them off.

This is just good sense.

I refuse to let my shoelaces touch the floor, whether on or off my feet.

Never pour myself a full glass of anything – always a half glass – except for beer.

I love watches, but when dining at home or with close family, I remove my watch. After the meal, it goes back on.

Also, all watches must be in sync


Well, yeah, otherwise the ones at the bottom never get used. I bought x plates and I’m going to use x plates. Otherwise I bought plates that never get used, which would never get to fulfil the role they were created for and would probably feel left out and break out of spite when the big special event came round and they did get used.

I don’t do it consistently though, I like to keep my crockery guessing.

Oh yeah and I shamelessly anthropomorphise everything. That counts as a quirk, right?

This is not a quirk. This is the correct thing to do.

The spaghetti thing is weird, however.
Weird! Don’t you know for perishables you should remove the front items, then grab a rear item and them put back the front items–so you get the fresher one which was at the rear? Milk and bread especially.

As do I, only I call it “Posting on the Dope”.

I say a little Buddhist prayer whenever I hear the Medivac helicopter, which is pretty often. Same for sirens. Ambulances, fire trucks, cops.

I figure someone’s having a really bad day.

After the local evening news I rush to switch the channel lest I hear the Music to 'Wheel of Fortune". I really hate that show. It tickles Mr.Wrekker to see me jump up really fast grabbing for the remote.