What's your quirk?

We all have our little quirks and idiosyncrasies. What’s yours? Here’s a few of mine:

Can’t use urinals in public restrooms. I’ll wait for a stall if necessary.

I always put 3 ice cubes in my drink. 3. Not 2. Not 4. 3. I’m not sure why, but it could be that 3 IS a magic number. Yes it is.

So let’s hear it.

Ha, I do the three ice cube thing too! Only with carbonated drinks, though. Anything else, I’ll load up with ice.

My quirk, other than that, is that I can’t sleep under flat sheets. I’ll rip apart hotel beds to take them off if need be. I just hate feeling imprisoned in my bed. If they’re too tight, I get claustrophobic, and if they’re too loose, I get tangled up in them.

I also have to sleep with a TV on, or if I can’t have that, a radio tuned in to talk or a TV station. Can’t sleep to music, but I need voices.

I can’t have the radio & TV on at the same time. My husband can deal with it, but I just can’t. I mean, he’ll turn the TV down, then pop a tape into his tape player.

Husband has the same urinal quirk as Trumpy, too. BTW, have you ever read the Dave Barry explanation about men & the way they use public restrooms? Made me laugh so hard I couldn’t breathe. My husband just said “Yeah, that’s the way it is.”

Yeah, I flush public toilets and urinals with my foot or elbow.
I’m also a bit fussy about the glass I want my beer served in. Chilled, and get me a fresh glass for my next beer. If a place insists on serving beer in those damn plastic cups (the college-oriented places around here), I will leave. “I’m sorry, I thought I was buying a glass of beer, not a plastic of beer.”

I really hate public restrooms, too.

I can’t eat “Little Things” food. By this I mean food with lots of little stuff in it - Spumoni ice cream, Spaghetti sauce with weird little vegetable chunks -Hello? why would you put diced carrots in spaghetti sauce? Ew!

As for ice in drinks, I prefer it ice-free, thanks.

I can’t drink beer, I just can’t do it. The smell makes me gag.

Oooh, yuck! I can’t deal with “things” in my food, either. Yogurt with fruit on the bottom freaks me ou – especially strawberry, when it tastes like sand.

I can’t eat cooked fish, either; the texture grosses me out. Sushi or even sashimi are no problem, though.


I used to be a food-non-mixer, I mean I couldn’t have the meat touch the vegetable juice or the potatoes on the plate. I got over that eventually, but I still eat one item at a time: all the meat, then all the rice, etc. I vary the order from meal to meal, though.

Well I can’t use a urinal if I have to stand in between two guys. Must have space on at least one side of me. I will not use a trough. Horror, at a community center they had one and i would wait til the bathroom cleared out or I could get a stall.

“Oa tu beral haonar kelo, tu faikal gehayun”

Gee, a lot of us guys have urinal issues, don’t we? I must admit I prefer a stall also. I’ll use a urinal if I have to, but a trough?? Absolutely not!

Here’s a trivial one I’ve had since grade school: the clips on the caps of all my pens must align with the writing on the pen itself. Weird, huh?

Also, I never break the spine of paperback books while I’m reading them. When I’m finished, you can hardly tell the book’s been read. Don’t know why.

I can’t stand jello with “things” in it. Not that Jello is exactly the most pristine food, but I prefer it unadulturated.

And I line up the clip on the pen, too!

Speaking of pens, I’ve got a habit of balancing them on the end. I use the kind with a cap, and a metal clip, and flowing ink–you know the type? Anyway, I’ll balance them on end, and stack them up…drives people crazy.

If I’m using a urinal and there are pubic hairs sitting there on the edge I’ll try to knock them off with my urine stream.

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

I always laugh at the wrong time and see the humor in places that should be serious. I’ve even lost friends from this quirkiness.
I remember my girlfriend telling me that she was such a good Catholic girl, when she was dating her husband, she wouldn’t use birth control. I laughed LOUDLY and said, “you mean you’d have premarital sex, but you wouldn’t let him use a condom?”…
Well, she stopped talking to me.
Is this a quirk or a personality disorder?

I talk to myself, to my cats, and my plants. I read the newspaper in a certain order – first get rid of the sections I don’t read (e.g., sports, real estate, classified), then read the Style section (light stuff and funnies), the local news, then letters to the editor, then op ed page, the rest of the main section. I have a more elaborate routine for Sunday’s edition. If I’m playing scrabble with the computer late in the evening, I have to have a bowl of popcorn and diet Dr. Pepper (in a glass with 4-5 ice cubes - I like my drinks really cold).

I guess mine is that I don’t mind using a urinal, or even a trough! My brother and I used to have “swordfights” when we were little, so maybe it just reflects my early training.

And I much prefer jello with fruit in it to plain jello, although I draw the line at cottage cheese.

You guys are sooo weird!

My real quirk – I greatly prefer the company of women to men (I’m male) in social or business situations. It’s not a sexual thing (as far as I know!) but I’ve always been able to make much better friends with women than I ever have with men. This came home to me when I went to my twenty-year high school reunion – with guys (even the ones I considered good friends) all the geeky outsider feelings returned full force, but the gals that were my friends in high school were still good friends, no baggage.

Incidentally, my wife has a little jealous streak and this drives her nuts, but I figure that’s her problem to solve, not mine.

“non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem”
– William of Ockham

I don’t like food mixing either.

I can’t read with music with words playing, instrumental is fine, but since i am so attuned to music, even if it’s in the background the singing works it’s way into my mind and drives me mad.

Don’t let the loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey.

Every time I finish surfing the web, I always cluck the “Home” button, then quit, instead of just quitting on the spot.

I always used to return my CDs to their cases top-side up, always making sure they were perfectly aligned. I don’t do this anymore, but I do keep my CDs in alphabetical order by band, and chronological order by release.

I have a lot more quirks, those are just two I can think of off the top of my head.

I am a Weird Al lover, Dr. Demento fan, and I love Bingo. I guess I’ll never see a personal ad aimed at me! These are just a few weird quirks…I also am terrified of passing tractor trailers (I had a very near death experience with one), I do “closet” charity work (I don’t tell anyone what it is, I just do it) and I CANNOT walk past a Salvation Army bell ringer without giving them something…even when I was totally broke.

I’m very lucky. The only time I was ever up shit creek, I just happened to have a paddle with me.
–George Carlin

Neuro, are you seeing someone :wink:
I use the same mehtod of arranging CD’s. But come to think of it, it must be quite common. I absolutely HATE people that file Tori Amos under T or Dire Straits under S. There’s names and there’s bandnames, what’s so difficult ?

The Urinal Thing: I’ll piss on anything you can wave a stick at. No reservations here.
Pubic hair on toilet: hmmmmm I wouldn’t go as far as to pee on the EDGE of the toilet, but I’ll definately have a go at any shit chuncks sitting in the bowl.


And yeah, pen-clip-alligning is a must too.


“You know how complex women are”

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

Urinal: I hate urinals. (So much for THAT stereotype.) I will wait for everyone else to leave, or for a stall to become available.

I pee sitting down, but only in bathrooms; never in rooms which include only a toilet and sink, or in public washrooms. I have no idea why this is.

I sing along to my walkman.

I hate all cooked vegetables, except for starches (corn, beans, etc.) I do not eat tomatoes, mushrooms, or peppers at all.

I don’t like bits, either, except in things like soup, stew, salad, and things that are supposed to be a mixture; and ice cream (I like ice cream with bits.) E.g., I don’t like pasta primavera, stirfry, and other such weirdnesses. I like food to be discrete.

I chew my pen clips. This is very bad for my teeth, and I find myself more and more buying pens with metal clips so I can’t chew on them.

I adore quotations. If I see a good quotation I halt everything and write it down so I can put it on my website. http://www.crosswinds.net/~montrealais/quotes/quotes.html

I love finding out minutiae about different languages.

I have never been beaten at Capitals of Countries.

Oh, wait: I’ve been known to use words like “whom,” “abstruse,” and “obstreperous” in casual conversation. Not to be snotty; just by accident, I swear.