Tell Me Your Quirckiness, Ill tell ya mine.

When I get either nervous or real cold, my ears tense up.

Before really feeling comfotable in the bathroom, I have to check behind the door, in the shower and look up at the ceiling to make sure there isnt anyone else there.

Occasionly, when Im alone by the computer, the only person home, I have an ax with me.

Well, now its your turn! Lets hear em!

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First I would like to say,


My quirks are strange. I can’t stand the feel of wet cotton. I cannot put cotton anywhere near my mouth. It gives my shudders.

I can’t bite into icecream or popicles because thay are too cold for my teeth and I get the shivers from it.

When I lived alone, I had a 9mm. I wouldn’t get up from the computer and go to the bathroom without carrying it with me. Yes, I’m paranoid.

This isn’t so much a quirk, but I have a paralyzing fear of bridges. My legs tense up so much they hurt, I shake and cry and suck my thumb (okay, I don’t really suck my thumb). I want to thank Caldazar for taking me over the San Mateo bridge a couple weeks ago. Twice. ::shudder::

Welcome to the board, DrewG27!

I don’t have any quirks to confess. Well, maybe I do, but they seem reasonable to me, and mostly I just wanted to welcome you.

Is it a quirk to want to say hey to new members?


Ok, so I hate the feel of oil, or a nail file.
Kinda wierd when you are diggin in your purse for lipstick, and this gritty file scratches up against your finger, like a cats toungue, yuck!

I too have that search the bathroom phobia, I just leave the shower curtain to the side so I dont have to check all the time. Then the wierd part is, I am an open door pee-er. When I am home, or at a close friends (girls only) I just pee right there, no qualms bout them seeing my fat butt.

Tuba can vouge for that, she always used to yell at me.

I have this wierd thing about people taking (stealing) my blood. The other day, after 2 whole viles of blood taken, I was lying on the floor with my feet up (I felt retarted, but they made me) all the nurses are checkin on me, giving me cookies and water. My stomach gets all queezy, cant explain it too well.

Welcome to the Straight Dope Message Board, DrewG27.

Quirks. Letsee… well, a major one of mine is that I absolutely insist on a clean bathroom. Not just clean, spotless. Kind of out of place for a guy who lives like a slob otherwise.

Awww… any time, Silver Fire.

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! Yeah, I always have some sort of weapon with me when I go to the bathroom all alone, its just too scary for me. Oh well.

Along the same line as Silver Fire’s, I get terribly nervous with stairs. No problem with heights or anything else, just stairs, I am always exceedingly careful.

I also space out really easily, even when I’m paying attention to somebody, and they can tell, my friends bring me back to reality and continue, others think i don’t like them.

I have a phobia of ballons. I’m sure there must be a name for it. I was always afraid of them bursting as a small child and I suppose it just stuck around. I recently went into McDonalds and had to stand under a huge ballon arch to order. :frowning:

Stairs also worry me but this is part of a general fear of hights things.

I won’t eat beans in any way, shape or form. Or any particle of a bean, or anything that has touched a bean. I can taste any microscopic particle and that makes me wanna heave. Being Hispanic, this has cause no end of aggravation. I take a massive amount of guff fromm friends gathering at Mexican resturants when I won’t touch a nacho, burrito,tosatda that just might contain a bean no matter what the waiteress may claim. If I can’t visually confirm my food to be bean-free and safe to eat, I won’t go there.

I don’t have any quirks believe it or not… I also don’t have any “things” that particularty irk me… People seem to find that abnormal and disturbing… shrugs

Yeah, I bet. Thanks so much, love you too. I will figure out your gripping fear someday, and when I do… You just better watch out, okay? :wink:

I don’t like to be watched while I brush my teeth.

Urinating with others nearby - no prob.
Sex with others nearby - no prob.

But no peeking when my mouth is full of suds.

Whenever I eat food that’s too hot, I get horrible pains at the base of my spine. Sort of an ice cream headace, but in reverse.

I cannot walk on a non-moving escalator. Those stairs freak me out.

I cannot eat shellfish, even the little tiniest bit in a salad or something. It tastes to me like something that went bad.

I sometimes count my paces in groups of 8 - undoubtedly a holdover from marching band in HS (now 25 years ago). Anybody else remember their band director yelling “8 to 5 people, 8 to 5”?

This carried over to other repetitive aspects of daily life, and sometimes manifests as counting swallows as I’m drinking something. O-C? Maybe, but harmless.


[sub]Lets see, that was my sixth post today…[/sub]

Too many to list them all, but I’ll give it a go [list=1]
[li]I won’t eat orange vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, pumpkin). But strangely, orange fruits are among my favorites (oranges, peaches, cataloupe).[/li][li]I despise telephones. I hate the sound of a ringing phone, I hate answering the phone, and I hate calling people on the phone. I once managed to go two years without calling anyone, though I did answer the phone a few times in that period. I have no problem with letters, e-mails, or face-to-face communication.[/li][li]I hate to be watched, especially when I’m working. I’ll split my firewood in the middle of the woods instead of near the house, so no one will see me. I’ll clean the house in the middle of the night. I prefer to be alone when I cook. My worst fear is that someone will offer to help.[/li]I can’t abide the feel of polyester against my skin.[/list=1]

I rub my feet together when I’m sleepy.

I hate locked doors.

I will forgive any antics of cat or computer as a personality quirk.

I’m not much for careing about apearance, but I need to have clean hair. All the time. Stuff in my hair bothers me.

I have more, but this’ll do.

Hi There.

I can’t stand to say goodbye to anyone. It’s not an emotional thing, I just feel really dumb and embarrassed saying it with hugging and all that. When my friend comes to visit for a week from 4,000 miles away, I’ll sleep late on her departure day and let my boyfriend take her to the airport.

I can’t stand it when people talk to themselves. I always want to tell them to SHUT UP!!!

I rub my feet together too… I thought I was the only one!

I can not stand yarn unless it is coton. I can’t touch it at all…and if it is wet…even worse. Kelli has this awful yarn blanket that some times she will say my name and put in in her mouth and chew on it. SHUDDER

AUGH! I thought I was the only one! I am friggin cringing right now!!! My fiancee thinks I am a freak! I don’t know how or why but it makes me freak. Even the sound of my dog ripping apart a cotton chew toy or the cloth off of a tennis ball! AUGH! you had to bring that up…