Listen to me -

and I’m sure you’ll agree,
The bravest man in eternity,
Was neither a soldier or a champion of law,
But the first to devour an oyster raw.
Well, he’s got nothing on this guy.

Thank goodness. When I opened the link the first words that jumped out at me were “fossilized poop”. Makes the snake sound down right appealing.

Yes, I was referring to the snake.

You’d have to be really hungry to swallow a whole rattlesnake, fangs and all!

It seems to me that quasi-scientific reporting could find a better word than “poop.”


"It’s possible that the snake was eaten by a particularly eccentric or curious individual, and that it never happened again. "

I dare you eat this snake, skin and all!

I wonder if it wasn’t the ancient equivalent of a fraternity initiation. Here hold my <fermented beverage> and watch this!

If they were drinking it was probably pulque or something similar.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. And it happened in Texas.

For a brief period of time, all the teens were eating snakes and posting it on the cave walls as part of the “Rattlesnake Challenge.”

Mr.Wrekker has eaten rattlesnake. Gah! He didn’t eat the fangs though. He just told me, with enough gravy almost anything’s edible. Nope, nope, nope.

Whhat? BBQ rattlesnake is delicious! I tried it in Alamagordo and really enjoyed it.