Listing different things that are right (or left) handed

I’m right handed, but one of my children (right handed) taught herself to be ambidextrous for most things.

But she discovered, as lefties must, that some things just won’t work with either hand.

Besides the obvious, like scissors, there are things that are unexpectedly right handed.

Like my Mr. Coffee coffee maker. The little drip-trap is aimed so that it just clears the pot lid when you put the coffee pot back from the right side. If you try to put it back from the left side, the drip trap snags on the lid and coffee spills on the hot plate.

What are more of these -handed things?

Can openers, the hand-turning ones. My roommate is a lefty, and I never noticed this until I had to watch her open a can with her hands contorted and twisted around.

She later received a left-handed can opener for her birthday from her SO. You cannot imagine how excited she was.

Most cameras, handguns and rifles.

Bows, and those desks that are attached to chairs.

Some multi-button and ergonomic computer mice, and computer keyboards with numeric keypads and other special keys on the righthand side.

Most doors favor right-handed people. I also find it difficult to use some types of pens (especially gel pens) and basically have found one type of pen that works well for me.

Cars. Gear shifts and whatnot.

The Left Hand of Dorkness.

Boomerangs, when thrown by lefties, do not return!

They make different guitars and bass guitars (and possible ukes) for lefties. Can’t offhand think of any other musical instruments that are either/or.

Believe it or not, knives.

The kind of butter knives with the bend in the middle. Also some kinds of paring knives that only have an edge on one side.

Spiral notebooks are also a pain to write in when you are left-handed. When I was in high school I found some left-handed spiral notebooks and used those for a while.

Tell me you’re kidding. Tell me you’re smart enough to be a Doper and it never occurred to you to flip a standard spiral notebook over and start writing from the back? Or is there something else I’m missing here?

I’ll throw computer mouses out there. Not only is the clicking “backwards” (the most clicked key uses the weaker middle finger), but my husband and I had issues over where to put the mouse because he’s a lefty and I’m not. He’s just learned to use his right hand for mousing, because every computer and computer desk in the world puts the mouse to the right by default.

Lots of ladles only have a spout on one side, to be used right handed.
Most chained or corded pens. Banks and those boxes where you sign for a credit card purchase are almost always set up so you have the chain in the way if you sign left handed.
Office telephones - the handset is usually on the left side, designed to be picked up in the left hand, leaving your right free to dial or take notes.
My leaf blower
My lawnmower and snowblowers are both set up to be started by a right handed person.
Trailer hitches that have a stand on them. They are set up to raise/lower the stand with your right hand.

As far as computer mice? I LOVE right handed mice. It leaves my left hand free to write or type.

A majority of Brits and Japanese are right-handed, and they don’t seem to mind the gear shift and whatnot located on the left side of the driver’s seat.

One of my instructors from basic training had the great experience of sharing a trench with a lefty.

All was fine until steaming hot brass was ejected down his shirt collar.

Sure, that’s what I did when I was just using it for notes, but there were a couple of classes that required the book to be turned in periodically and it looked a little better if the assignments started from the front and the holes were on the right side and all. A very minor annoyance–the left-handed notebooks were more of a novelty than a necessity.

Arcade games. I know some of them put the joystick in the center and provided identical (perhaps mirrored) panels of buttons at each side to accommodate southpaws and northpaws alike. For a lot of games, however, they were right-hand oriented with the joystick/trackball on the right and the buttons on the left.

I found the best solution is to use the notebooks with the spiral on the top.

You think left handed people haven’t tried it all? :smiley:

That doesn’t work that well. It’s awkward to write from back to front. If you use both sides of the paper your still going to have the same problem when you flip the page. You could do the same thing by starting on the back of the first page and skipping every other page. I’m left handed and tried lots of notebooks and didn’t find that very effective at least for me. I used loose leaf paper and when I was done put it in a three ring binder.