Listing of upcoming movie re-releases?

Is there any way to get a list of movies which are planned to be re-released? Tried searching IMDB, couldn’t come up with anything useful. I’m on a “classic” movies kick now, so I’d rather watch on the big screen than DVD where possible.


Sorry, but it fell off the front page, just wanted to give it one more shot to see if anybody knew of any such list.

I checked and while it will tell you if a movie is being rereleased, I can’t find a list of movies that will be.


Where do you live, Fang? This information might be a little easier to find on a local level, since there are very few major national re-releases (simply because of the marketing costs involved).

Well I go to school in Ithaca, NY (Cornell), but on breaks and such live on Long Island. Cornell Cinema shows older movies sometimes, and obviously there are movie theaters in NYC which frequently or exclusively show older movies. However, I am mostly interested in major national re-releases (such as has been done in recent years with, e.g., Lawrence of Arabia, The Exorcist, and Apocalypse Now), both revised and original, so I am wondering if there is any centralized resource to find them. I realize they are not too frequent, but studios must announce when they are re-releasing them, so I want to see if any person or database collects those announcements.