Historical cinema showtimes?

I’m trying to figure out how many films I have seen in the theater this year. But Apple’s evil iTunes software caused me to lose all my data when I upgraded to OS 3 on my iPod Touch. So I don’t have a list for the early part of the year.

Where can I find old movie showtimes? Imdb.com, for some reason, does not retain listings. Any ideas?

Go to the library and look at the microfilm of your local paper.

Or search Google News to see if your local paper has its back issues online.

Sadly, the papers both charge for access to anything older than a week or two. I was looking for a web site that doesn’t throw away their data.

Why do you need showtimes? Wouldn’t “movie release dates” be sufficient?

I’m trying to confirm what I saw. “Release dates”, especially on art house films, are very misleading. The date might refer to a film festival, or a very limited release for Oscar consideration in a single theater in New York and LA each for a week.