Website film listings

I never get round to see all the films I want to see when they’re first released. By the time they come out on DVD, I’ve forgotten which ones I wanted to see :wally

I’d love to find a website that lists new releases week-by-week (or month-by-month), so I can back and find what I ought to have seen.

Does anyone know a suitable website, preferably UK based , but USA would do (but certainly not Uzbekistan or Panama).

Netflix is a good resource for this, I would think.

IMDB has a feature that does exactly this (through the menu at the top of that page, you can choose week-by-week or month-by month through this November).

As a follow-up, here’s the recent/upcoming releases page specifically for the U.K.

And on further re-read of your OP, I see that you’re probably looking for DVD release dates. IMDB has you covered there, too (that link goes to the UK site).

Thanks. They’re exactly what I’m looking for.