Netflix question

I’m wondering if there is a way to find all of the unreleased new releases on netflix. That is, I would like to see a list of all the movies that the netflix site would show as “save”-able to your movie queue.

For example, this link will show you all of this weeks new releases. I’m looking for something similar but for movies that are not yet released on DVD.


Hmm, I know when you’re in the New Releases section, they give you a few teasers on DVDs that will soon be released. But there doesn’t seem to be a listing (say by release date, which would be cool) of what’s coming out.

I know that IMDB has a spot on their site that shows what’s coming out week by week, but I don’t know of anything within Netflix itself.

And other than a week by week of upcoming releases, I’d imagine the list of “coming soon” would be horrendously big, which may be why they don’t have it.

Presumably you know that if you want a specific movie you can save it? I’m guessing you just want a list to pick from, because it never fails that you’ll forget that something was in the theater and you didn’t get around to it.

I use the Video ETA website to send me an e-mail when a specific title is available (you can specify VHS or DVD or both). Then look for it on Netflix.

Works for me.

Why do you do that instead of going to Netflix, finding the movie, and saving it in your queue? It’ll put it on a “not yet available” list and move it to your real list as soon as it’s released. Just about any movie I’ve ever searched for shows up, even if it’s not released on DVD and has no date to be released. Am I missing something?

Well…because I knew about Video ETA before I knew about Netflix. Your way would work too, unless Netflix didn’t have a listing for a particular title.