Netflix's new "New Releases" page--yucky!

I used to be able to get to a page which showed all and only the new releases for the current week, categorized by genre. All easy to read in a nice list.

As far as I can tell, I no longer have that option. I think the page linked to above is all I get for a “New Releases” page. No distinction between movies released this weeks and movies released well over a month ago. No nice easy list to read down. Nothing good at all, as far as I can see. :frowning:

Anyone know if there’s a way I can get to the old “New Releases This Week” page?


Wow, that is terrible.

I hope there is a preference somewhere within to switch it back.

Yeah – not an improvement, at all.

Agreed whole-heartedly.

A perfect example of neato web technology trumping usability.

Their “Movies You’ll <heart>” page absolutely sucks fat monkey balls.

Why in the hell would I be interested in seeing “Darkwing Duck” because I happen to have enjoyed an HBO-only episode of “Hellboy” (rated R!!!)?

What the crap does the TV series “Jag” have to do with Stargate the movie?

It was nice when the new releases page showed this week’s releases, but new movies are released on Tuesdays, typically, and they only changed the page on Sunday. So I would have to visit this page after Saturday if I wanted to make sure to list the new week’s movies on the top of my queue. I wish the page would also show new releases for upcoming weeks and months. As it is, I’ve been visiting another movie website to get upcoming release dates.

What’s the website you use?


Online petition. The new new releases page sucks. It probably won’t drive me away from Netflix, but it’s really annoying.

I don’t want to be told what movies I’m going to like, I want to see all the available movies in a convenient page and decide for myself.

Here’s a link to the old page. It seems incomplete, but maybe there just aren’t a lot of movies being released over the holidays.

I like this one.

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!! That wretched new “New Releases” page had me half-ready to cancel my account.

(How did you find that page, anyway?)

If you go to the “community blog”–you can find a link on the Netflix home page–someone has linked to it.

I signed – but I also sent them an email this morning (via their “contact us” link) complaining.

Guys, there’s also the Netflix blog too. Just click on Blog at the bottom of the page and there’s an entry about it. Actual workers from Netflex upkeep and post to that blog and there’s over 300 comments so far (myself as one of them) displaying outrage over it.

Go directly to the source. : )

I am so glad that somebody has addressed this. The new “new release” format just sucks.

Thanks Larry Borgia for the new link! The new page had me tearing my hair out!

Wow. Given your haircut, that’s pretty damn frustrated! :stuck_out_tongue:

God, no kidding. I emailed them about it the other day, too. Thanks to everyone for all the other links.

I wonder how many people are going to be rushing to add “Indie Sex” to their queue? :stuck_out_tongue: