Litterers. When I rule the world.....

Visiting my new grandchild today meant a drive to a very popular and picturesque seaside town. After a lovely lunch, we wandered down to the beach so that my other grandies could take their skateboards to the skate park.

In the parklands adjacent to the skate bowl there are a few picnic tables, with people enjoying the sunshine and the holiday atmosphere. But one table had just recently been vacated, with plastic plates, cutlery, cups and cans of Coke all left behind…most still on the table, but some had been blown to the ground.

You fucking grots. What the hell entitlement do you think you have that you can leave your crap behind? There were bins (both rubbish and recycling) not 20m away from that table, yet you ate your food and left the stuff there? What the ever-lovin’ FUCK?

When I rule the world, litterers will be sentenced to be placed in stocks at the site of their offence. For a week. And others will be allowed to chuck all their litter at the offender…with the grot being forced to pick up the crap with their mouths. On their hands and knees. Bags of dog-shit included.

Fucking filthy mongrels…:mad:

I think whatever you dumped gets shoved back up your ass. From a cigarette butt to a 2 liter Coke bottle, to 20,000 gallons of illegal dumped motor oil.

Yeah, that would work for me too. 20k gallons of oil would make a WONDERFUL enema wot! :smiley:

I just don’t get the mindset of leaving your shit behind. Once we saw it, we (kid, grandkids and I) picked it up and deposited it in the nearby bins. It took all of 30 seconds. It’s not like it’s an ‘effort’ thing, it seems to be a total lack of awareness that leaving rubbish is like, Not a Good Thing.

In Aus, the anti-littering campaign has been drummed into us since childhood, and I do wonder whether it’s perhaps people who have arrived more recently from countries that don’t have a prohibition against littering who are the likely culprits.

If so, then Australia needs to step up their Keep Australia Beautiful campaign a few notches…make sure EVERY person in this country has internalised the message.

Otherwise, it’s enemas and stocks. :slight_smile:

Ugh. The sand at the beaches in Chicago can have a rock here or there, but otherwise is nice to walk in with bare feet. Except for the chances of getting cigarette butts in your toes or squishing in dogshit someone kicked over with sand instead of picking up. I keep my sandals on at the beach.

Just dogshit that’s been bagged … how kind of the OP …

I support this, 100%.

You have my vote!

Except for the part where you forgot to make the people leaving cigarette butts all over the place eat them. Add that in and I’ll donate to your campaign.

Smokers who flick their cigarette butts into the protected marine sanctuary despite signs everywhere not to. I’m still thinking of punishments for that guy.

Colorado has been able to keep quit litter free. It’s a $1000 fine for littering. Cig butt, paper cup whatever.

If your haul to a landfill is not covered, your charge is doubled.