Why it is wrong to litter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away I stated that I felt that if a person litters, that they should be sterilized.

Someone who apparently supports littering questioned my reasoning, and I want to take this opportunity to elaborate. If a person litters, he/she will teach that behavior to their children. A child who perceives that it is OK to be a litterbug is uncontrollable, and will littler the countryside with fast food wrappers, nsync albums, and stuffed orangutans.

I have children and love them dearly but they must be taught not to litter and how to pick up after themselves or they are a pain in the ass to be around.

Not that it is relevant, but I am a materials scientist with biodegradability experience dating back to 1988. But it doesn’t take any experience to figure out that littering is very very wrong and anyone who believes otherwise is a hoser.

I have no problem with fast food be it hot dogs or deep fried chicken. When you start tossing those wrapper on the ground then Yeah, I have a problem with that and you should too.

While I agree with you 100% that littering is wrong, sterilization does seem to be…um, a bit too much punishment for the crime.

I wish for those caught littering (1st offense) should have to spend a couple of months of weekends cleaning up roadside litter. Second offense should be six months of weekends. And so on.

Oh Waverly…I love you. But you are asking for a nightmare.

But damn if I didn’t laugh at the OP.

I believe I used my godlike powers to state it absolutely no uncertain terms in the OP, but for you I will try to use smaller words.

If you toss a paper on the ground and Johny sees this, Johny will believe it is OK and grow up to be Johnny Litterbug. Got that?

Once Johnny Litterbug thinks littering is acceptable it will be nearly impossible to make him think otherwise ‘cause you know littering is easier than finding a trash can. If you tell him not to litter, he will key your car and toss banana peals in your flower beds. At that point YOU’RE the trash can. Now deal with it.

Tsk tsk tsk It seems I have an admirer

Dear misguided boy, I can understand your fascination with my work and truly imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but you know you really should give credit where credit is due.

I can only imagine that in your universe animal abuse is on par with littering but here on planet earth it pales in comparison. No I can’t give you a cite, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

I know that this pitiful thread is the best you can do so I’ll try real hard to suppress my disappointment in its lack of originality and overall blandness. Maybe you’ll do better next time.

In the meantime, maybe you can learn the meaning of plagiarize.

I love my litterbugs. I love all litterbugs. I do [NOT] want hunt down and kill any litterbug that has tried to throw away a popsicle stick, even if that is a sign that they are trying to litter around you. That is not what I am talking about.

With litterbugs, it [IS] all about who is littering and who is not. If you can’t understand why a litterbug that thinks he can litter is dangerous then you don’t understand dogs …errrr… litterbugs.

I will offer a few facts for you to interpret as you see fit. Do you recall the recent case where the two married lawyers in San Fransisco were convicted of littering when they littered. Are you aware that the owners were having littering in front of children? Are you aware that children began to litter after seeing them litter?

I realize that the children were very impressionable, and that this is an extreme case but if you don’t think that your average litterbug couldn’t hurt society, then you are just naive. Any person that thinks he can get away with littering is permanently damaged. Period.

Oh, and Mermaid, I’ve read every thread and post in this whole train wreck, and remain absolutely amazed at your reactions to fluiddruid and especially to Waverly. Now go grab that dictionary you are soooooo fond of and look up the word parody, hypocrite, and annoying jerk.

Do not try to play down your crimes with a non-sequitur, litter-mermaid! This thread is not about abuse nor is it about plagiarism, which clearly is a concept you understand much less then littering the oceans and raising litter-guppies.

grrr. Hamlet plagarized the words right out of my mouth. Damn littering bastard!

Mermaid, take it from a gal who’s regretted OPs in the past. I think you had a very bold statement and strong position to make in the dog abuse thread. I think you were a bit floored when some posters challenged you and you weren’t ready with cites to back up your claim…because naturally everyone would believe you and condemn dog fucking.

WHICH WE ALL DO, pretty much.

The problem came when you were so flustered that you couldn’t see what people were asking you, and then it turned into SHEER INSANITY where you accused anyone of asking a question of being on the side of beastiality (yes, you did by saying “YOU dog fuckers” in reference to them)

If I were you, I’d disregard this parody and just take the night off. Go read an Oprah book :wink: :smiley:

Damn, I think I was just whooshed.

throatshot…if I were you…I’d back out slowly…smiling all the while.

I am well aware of the meanings of all the words suggested to me. I don’t feel I am the one over reacting here but this is just too ridiculous for words.

If you don’t agree with me, you are all a bunch of no good litterbugs. :smiley:

Straight Dope Guideline #34: Consider the possibility that you may have overstated your case. And be prepared to back down. Partially or in total.

Straight Dope Guideline #35: Try not to jump to conclusions.
Straight Dope Guideline #35a: Especially personal ones.

Straight Dope Guideline #36: Try not to mischaracterize the opposition. Even if you believe that the opposition has mischaracterized you.

(While I would consider euthanizing a sexually abused animal, I would think that the kill-decision might better be based on direct observation than on doggie theory. At the same time, if a strong empirical correlation between certain forms of abuse and animal violence was established, I might consider automatic euthanasia. YMMV. And, no, I have never owned a dog or cat. Or sheep.)

Littering is bad.

Can we all agree that Oasis is the greatest band ever?

::backs away slowly, with a big smile on her face::

Y’all forgot that litterbugs are mentally ill.

But I don’t think anything more really needs to be said about this. Nothing’s gonna change the way she feels, and it’s only gonna get more personal. What good can come of this?

Amusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

[hijack] According to them, they’re bigger than the Beatles. And since the Beatles were “bigger than Jesus,” well …

I think you know where this is going. :wink: [/hijack]


Because it makes an Italian Indian Cry